Scarf Mad and New Work in Progress List

I have gone scarf mad, ……let me explain,

My daughter Alisha ask me for a warm fuzzy scarf, it had to be blue, so I got to work and whipped her up one. Just a basic garter stitch with a few rows of a basic cable which is made with no cable needle.



I have always love the look of a Moebius scarf and I could not find a pattern until looking on and Staci has one, free pattern and video. She puts the twist in it when sewing it together.



I also wanted to finally learn how to do Fair Isle knitting, I could get the basics of it but it was carrying the floats across the back that got me stumped. Back to the very pink you tube channel and studying it frame by frame and giving it ago again I now have the start of a “Block O” Ohio Sate scarf.



Also on the still to do list is: Tyler’s Socks, The Crows Rug to finish, the Centrals  rug to finish. The block rug as I am calling it to take apart and put back together. I still have the hospital knitting to get back on track and the Cross stitch when the hands need a break


New Projects and Getting Organized

Happy New Year Kids,

Time to dive back into the wool piles and see what the creative juices can get going. I did locate my cross stitch project I had started and that is going again but will share that later on .

20131228_110724I finally got my daughter’s mittens finished and they are ready to send. I did them on double-pointed needles but was not happy how the thumb worked up. going to give the same pattern a try on straight needles and will let you know how that goes.

Late last year I shared with you about a new project I had started. Volunteer knitting for the preemie unit at the local hospital.

I did a second trial and error still using 5 ply wool but changing the needle size to 3.25 (3 and 1/4). I stopped in at the hospital 20140107_083206yesterday and it is the perfect size. If I decide to go to a four ply I will need to move the needles to a 2.75.

Will be updating the Work in Progress list with the goal to be able to cross off some more projects this year.

New stitches to learn and new projects to create, so its time to get those creative juices flowing.

See you in the wool piles


Mini Hat and Mitten

The original pattern come from Red Heart. Their Christmas patterns have been wonderful, really enjoying the new ideas.

The original trial and error pattern as I call them I used a 4.5 mm needle to get the pattern down and all. Pj (hubby) suggested a small needle and I changed to a 3.25 mm for the second go.


They used bright Christmas and what I call winter colors in the photo with the pattern but with writing a Chicago White Sox Blog I wanted to honor them first. The strips where slow to work and I carried the wool up the side so I didn’t have a lot of knots as I went. I will keep working as they are a quick project and will try the other hat patterns.




First Hat Finished Plus One More Quick One.

In a mad dash to get Christmas presents done I manged to get two hats completed. One was started and one was a work in progress.

The Downton Hat I would do again but with he circular needles I would make sure the length would be correct.


It probably needs blocked a bit and a better choice of wool but I am happy  that I managed the pattern.






The other hat is for my Son – in – Law, Tyler and came from the booklet called Better Homes and Gardens Wild about Woollies. It  was a 36 page free inclusion with the months edition. I found a lot of good patterns and will be trying more out later on. It was a simple Knit 4, Purl 4 for 23 centimeters, and then followed the decrease instructions.


Charity Knitting

On top of digging for patterns for the kids mittens and scarfs, I have thrown charity knitting in to the mix. I will take one day a week to focus on the charity stuff.

20131125_101241For one hospital I am working on a rug/afghan that is just big enough to fit into a Hume crib, they are asking for them to be 20 inches by 20 inches to just fit inside and help to cover the little one. That is proving a bit of a challenge to make sure that I can get the size just right. I have been trying it with granny squares but I think this will be the trial and error piece. I usually give things a go to make sure that I can master all elements. I may not try granny squares again or if i do go with  a smaller size.




20131125_101401The other is called a Special Body Warmer. It is a little vest with buttons at the on the shoulders to allow the nurses accessibility to lines and all as needed without disturbing the little one. I started up the trial and error vest last night and will get a pic so you can see.

Knitting on the Run – Mom , I need a scarf and quick.

20131118_105811My daughter in Vermont the other day called me on Skype and told me she needed a scarf, and how fast could I do it. It had to be warm and fuzzy. Oh, she also needed mittens and could I do them for the kids. OK, so here I go hunting high and low for a pattern for mittens that I liked and could do for the whole family. OK, now the digging begins and finding what I know will work up simple and quick but will be just what is needed. My first try at a hat the Downtown Hat will find its way to Elizabeth.

Looking for the mitten pattern I wanted one just like what my Mum use to knit for me. I loved what she use to make and I wore them out beyond repair. I love that my daughter ask me to do this and she knows the quality and love it goes into making something special.

That is what I love about knitting, creating that one of a kind piece that is going to be used and hopefully well-loved. Just watching them open the package and see the look on their face of surprise and excitement.

With Spring and Summer here in Australia, its time for those little projects that can be taken on the bus or in the car, or to events.

Lots to do and very little time, so I had better get my needles in to high gear.




#5 Boise State Blanket – Rip Out and Starting Over

I started this project with learning new stitches and creating something special.20131113_124206

Most of the patterns I going now are all cable, various cables or new stitches, but I fell in love with the 10 stitch blanket and decided it was time for a change. So I ripped out the original blanket and started the 10 stitch. I found the pattern on Very Pink. com. The basic pattern is worked over 10 stitches and I love that but the challenge to master was the mitered corner. I had seen patterns with them and at first thought how difficult but with it broken down it was easy to do but you have to pay attention when you do them. The other issue with the pattern is how you attach on the to previous round, IF you go in from the front it makes, what I call a double ridge but if you go in through the back it is a single ridge. I guess it is a preference of which way you go. This blanket is what I call my trial and error project, so when I do it again I will have worked out the small issues. 20131113_124348


About Time I Checked In

IMG_20130128_115615      Hey all, 

Lots going on and not a lot of knitting or crocheting at the moment. Been working some on the White Sox blanket learned some new stitches. The finger less gloves are going well and I have found a new pattern to try for another pair. 

On  Staci has been doing a new stitch series and I am really enjoying it. Some of the stitches are pretty easy and she explains them well, breaks them down and all. I would like to try using the new stitches in a sample afghan or lap rug. Even for a small rug for the neo-natal unit at the local hospital. 

My Grandson Gabriel’s blanket is coming really slow. I am trying to get the other writing back to one or two days a week so I can devote time to it. His first birthday is coming up soon and he and Elizabeth still do not have anything from Grandma and I need to get a move on. 

I am on a two month self-imposed ban from buying any wool(yarn) I am trying to work on the stash I have and get some of it used up on what projects I have now. 

Hope everyone is well and I can’t wait to see what new projects everyone has going on. 



Travel Projects

I love having a small project that I can take in my travel bag when I am heading to the city or where ever. I do read but it gives me a headache at some point. Right now my project is finger less gloves. It’s a quick and simple pattern done on double point needles. The blue pair is what I call the test pair. Learning the pattern and all. I had not done anything on doubles for a while so it took a bit to finally get it going again. For my taste it was a little short at my wrist, so i knew it was time to play with the pattern. During the winter here in Australia, I have days where I live in sweatshirts and all when I need to be out and about. I like the longer cuff. The green and white pair is the product of tweaking the pattern. I used a double wool, makes them extra warm but there is not as much give as a single wool. 20130716_12025520130716_115137


W.I.P Number Four – Complete

I finished the Saroyan Scarf Last week but just got it blocked tonight. It was an easy knit but you have to pay attention to what you are doing and keeping track of rows is a definite must.

I love the wool and can’t thank the mate who got it for me enough. It is just beautiful wool and I am using the last skein on myself to have something else wonderful. 20130604_175142