LIfe Has Thrown Me A Curve

Cricket and DarrenI am sorry that it has been awhile since I have checked in but when life throws you a major curve it takes awhile to get your bearings again. Life was good, working heaps, getting the work in progress knitting under control, I was off to Sydney for a late birthday gift to see Darren Percival in concert with my best mate Judy.

It was an amazing evening and was the best gift and loved that I shared it with Judy which made it even more special. For those of you who do not know who Darren is, he was in the class of 2012 The Voice Australia.

Judy dropped me off at the airport to catch my plane back to Adelaide. I got checked in and through security but had to haul butt to get to the gate, fingers crossed that I would not miss my flight. Was hoping for a close gate but the dreaded number 56 was my goal, I am it just in it time to board but I probably had more time then I realized. I found that I was extremely short of breath but was not in any pain. I treated as if it was asthma related, did the puffers and called Pj to let him know I was on the way home. After getting settled in and finally in the air, i got a Pepsi to help with a lack of caffeine headache. I had an uneventful flight and was happy to be home in Adelaide. Had to disembark off the rear of the plane as it was scheduled for an immediate turn around  back to Sydney.

Finally back with Pj, the rest of the weekend played out with no real issues. On Monday, my shortness of breath was still an issue and I placed a call to the doctor. Once there she gave me the once over and was not happy with what she was hearing in my lungs. She said that it was one of two issues, fluid on the lung OR a collapsed lung. Headed straight to get the x-ray and in a matter of minutes the life I knew would forever change. It was a collapsed lung and it was off to the hospital, I was more in shock but I also knew that it would mean a hospital stay and a chest tube.

Once an IV was established I received meds for an upset tummy and something for pain which would also relax me. At one point I passed out because of the blood pressure dropping.  Pj did tell me later on that I called the Emergency Doctor everything but a white guy. I felt relief and was just more in shock of what was unfolding before Pj and I. Here I was the one who was keeping things going, taking care of the house and of Pj. Now what, it was going to take a toll o Pj and I knew I just couldn’t put any kind of pressure on him and get myself well and home as soon as possible.

Well, here we are at the time of writing this. It is a slow go as my energy is slow returning. It takes a lot to just write a baseball blog but I am starting to feel useful and productive again. I have been told it will take about six weeks before I will finally start to feel like myself. I can do the Adelaide City to Bay,but it is having to start from scratch, retrain my thought process and my body to make the six kilometer walk this September.

I have learned to slow down and to listen to my body, to take the extra time for me and it has helped to reconnect with Pj a bit better.

I can’t begin to say THANK YOU to all of you for your love and support during this time. You have helped to keep me positive and focused on getting better.

I still have a long way to go, I will check in with you as much as I can and hoping to be back with you full-time soon

Hugs and Love