W.I.P Number Four – Complete

I finished the Saroyan Scarf Last week but just got it blocked tonight. It was an easy knit but you have to pay attention to what you are doing and keeping track of rows is a definite must.

I love the wool and can’t thank the mate who got it for me enough. It is just beautiful wool and I am using the last skein on myself to have something else wonderful. 20130604_175142




LIfe Has Thrown Me A Curve

Cricket and DarrenI am sorry that it has been awhile since I have checked in but when life throws you a major curve it takes awhile to get your bearings again. Life was good, working heaps, getting the work in progress knitting under control, I was off to Sydney for a late birthday gift to see Darren Percival in concert with my best mate Judy.

It was an amazing evening and was the best gift and loved that I shared it with Judy which made it even more special. For those of you who do not know who Darren is, he was in the class of 2012 The Voice Australia.

Judy dropped me off at the airport to catch my plane back to Adelaide. I got checked in and through security but had to haul butt to get to the gate, fingers crossed that I would not miss my flight. Was hoping for a close gate but the dreaded number 56 was my goal, I am it just in it time to board but I probably had more time then I realized. I found that I was extremely short of breath but was not in any pain. I treated as if it was asthma related, did the puffers and called Pj to let him know I was on the way home. After getting settled in and finally in the air, i got a Pepsi to help with a lack of caffeine headache. I had an uneventful flight and was happy to be home in Adelaide. Had to disembark off the rear of the plane as it was scheduled for an immediate turn around  back to Sydney.

Finally back with Pj, the rest of the weekend played out with no real issues. On Monday, my shortness of breath was still an issue and I placed a call to the doctor. Once there she gave me the once over and was not happy with what she was hearing in my lungs. She said that it was one of two issues, fluid on the lung OR a collapsed lung. Headed straight to get the x-ray and in a matter of minutes the life I knew would forever change. It was a collapsed lung and it was off to the hospital, I was more in shock but I also knew that it would mean a hospital stay and a chest tube.

Once an IV was established I received meds for an upset tummy and something for pain which would also relax me. At one point I passed out because of the blood pressure dropping.  Pj did tell me later on that I called the Emergency Doctor everything but a white guy. I felt relief and was just more in shock of what was unfolding before Pj and I. Here I was the one who was keeping things going, taking care of the house and of Pj. Now what, it was going to take a toll o Pj and I knew I just couldn’t put any kind of pressure on him and get myself well and home as soon as possible.

Well, here we are at the time of writing this. It is a slow go as my energy is slow returning. It takes a lot to just write a baseball blog but I am starting to feel useful and productive again. I have been told it will take about six weeks before I will finally start to feel like myself. I can do the Adelaide City to Bay,but it is having to start from scratch, retrain my thought process and my body to make the six kilometer walk this September.

I have learned to slow down and to listen to my body, to take the extra time for me and it has helped to reconnect with Pj a bit better.

I can’t begin to say THANK YOU to all of you for your love and support during this time. You have helped to keep me positive and focused on getting better.

I still have a long way to go, I will check in with you as much as I can and hoping to be back with you full-time soon

Hugs and Love


Works in Progress Number THREE finished

Number Three on the list was the Potato Chip Scarf learning short rows. It was a quick work and even though it’s not a scarf I would make for myself,  but it was a good learning pattern. 

I found the pattern from http://www.verypink.com


The pattern is a free download and the video is a big help if you are learning how to do short rows for the first time.

Happy knitting kids




Works In Progress

2013-02-18 00.04.05My list of works in progress or WIP‘s is a little longer then I would like. I set myself a goal this year to try to do two things  A)Finish projects on the list and B) to NOT start anything new. I want to learn new stitches this year, challenge to myself, and so far I have done well but I can do better.

I do have some issues with my left thumb getting too sore at times and I need to give it a rest. I had been knitting so much, i had RSI or repetitive strain injury.  I picked up a 2 kilo solid glass ashtray and snapped the tendons and it took a cast and 6 weeks of NO knitting or anything and it drove me around the twist. Once I was finally out of the case it was re-teaching myself to knit without putting strain on my thumb and be back in another cast.

I guess to a point I get bored at times with projects and I don’t set myself a small goal of finishing them. So,  it took me turning the ripe old age of 50 to kick my backside and get some projects done. I also have two new grandbabies, Elizabeth and Gabriel who are yet to have anything hand-made from Nanna Cricket per my daughter Alisha’s request.   Here is my list to keep myself on track to get things finished this year.

1) Chicago White Sox Rug/AfghanKnitting

2) Adelaide Crows Rug / Afghan — Crochet

3) Potato Chip Scarf — Knit and learned how to master the short row.

4) Saroyan Scarf — Knitted in Aran wool from Scotland, learning lace.

5) Boise State University Rug/Afghan — Knitted on circular needles. Trying different patterns, for a very textural blanket.

6) Elizabeth’s Rug — Knitted in pastel colors, textural with different patterns.

7) Gabriel’s Rug — Crocheted  and in the pattern called Griddle Stitch. It’s a multiple or two stitches, base row is second from hook one single crochet, in next space you do a double crochet, next space is single crochet. At the end of the row chain one and turn do the opposite if you ended with a single crochet you start with a double crochet, working the opposite stitch. I originally found this pattern stitch  in a children’s sweater pattern from Lion Brand.

8) Central Districts Football Rug/Afghan — in the same pattern as the Adelaide Crows Rug. Which I featured in the Keeping up the Sports Theme Part THREE.

9) Shades of Blue Rug — Knit, which I am doing for me to keep. YES, the rare case of something for myself. I will dig it out and feature it one day with the pattern and show you my twist on the pattern

Looking at it on the screen written out doesn’t seem like its much but I know it is. There is one more project I really want to start for the local hospital but I am doing my best holding off til I can actually tick off something being done.

Back to the knitting, now it’s back to the White Sox rug and will change to something different later on.

Keep on Knitting




Keeping up the Sports Theme Part THREE

Adelaide Crows Rug/Afghan

I used Carnival 8 ply wool in the colors of the team which are Dark Blue, Red and Gold, also using a variegated 8 ply from Needles also in the team colors.   Crochet hook Size 4.50mm.

The pattern is a multiple of 3 plus 2. I did a base crochet of 285 to 300. In the second from hook, one single crochet, 2 double crochet in same space. Skip 2 and repeat 1 single crochet, 2 double crochet. Repeat that until you reach the very last stitch and do 1 single crochet in the last stitch. Crochet 1 and turn your work. 

2013-04-03 12.57.10As you know I would normally just change colors when I felt like it but on this one I decided to create a pattern. I had forgotten the variegated wool and have now started working that into the pattern.  I will use it along with the solid color and keep the pattern intact. 











Keeping up the Sports Theme Part TWO

I promised you that I would talk more about the design of both Rugs/Afghans in this series.

The chicago White Sox Rug I started on size Seven USA needles. If I remember right I casted on roughly 200 stitches. The first 6 rows I did with Carnival 8 ply with Black 8 ply by Thorobred. I didn’t have much of that brand and will have to change to Carnival 8 ply black. I changed to white only and Straight knit I knitted 12 to 15 stitches on each beginning and end of row, just depending on the stitch I was using and how i felt, and started with the Stockinette Stitch. I went back to garter stitch for a few rows before adding the black for they variegated look. I don’t really have a set number of rows, just change when I feel like it. Another few rows of black garter before changing to the seed stitch,( knit one purl one, next row purl on the knit , knit on the purl). Keeping the seed stitch going in the white for a small amount of rows. I tried a block of cable and was actually pretty happy with it. I changed to circular needles and started the variegated again.











I made the move to the larger needles because things seem to work a little faster. If it was for anyone else I would’ve stuck to the needles I started with. Since this is staying with it, I am a little more flexible and try things a little more.  Sorry that the above pics are not as clear as I wanted.

In Keeping up the Sports Theme part THREE I will take you through the Adelaide Crows Crocheted Rug

Any time you have a question please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Happy Knitting







Keeping up the Sports Theme – Part ONE

I have another blog in which I follow the Chicago White Sox baseball team. I love my sports and love-making things to show my support anywhere I can. Whether it’s a scarf, a rug (afghan) or even a cross stitch, I am proud to wear many colors depending on the time of year. Right now its a cross of summer in the USA sports and autumn in Australia, Baseball and Australian Rules Football. Chicago White Sox rug on the left is knit 8 ply wool Carnival Brand  from Big W here in Australia, along with a 5 ply to create the variegated look. I do not remember where I got the 5 ply from, I usually only shop at Big W or at Spotlight Craft Store.  The Adelaide Crows Rug on the right is crochet and is done in the Carnival 8 ply from big W. The colors are Dark Blue, Red and Aussie Gold.

Patterns and more thoughts to come in Sports Theme part two

2013-04-03 12.50.15 2013-04-03 12.57.10

Crochet Frustrations

I gave up the other night on learning a new stitch and it was not for lack of trying. Here is the story……

2012-10-15 16.15.54

I originally had a blanket started for my grandson Gabriel, but because of time and wanting him to have something from Nanna sooner I went in search of a new pattern, hoping that it would go quicker and all. I love the ripple pattern but every time I tried to do it, it came out uneven. After numerous, I would usually just give up and try something I knew would go quick.

Years later and I found another simple pattern and thought I would give it another go, I watched the video and it seemed pretty simple, so here we go again. Following the pattern and all I honestly thought that I had it. Boy, was I wrong and after a few hours of frustration and ripping out rows I have once given in to the thorn of not being able to conquer it. So, once again last night I changed patterns hoping that time is on my side and I can get something special in the post to him soon.

I find myself looking for hours for new patterns and I love what I see but them when I find out how easy or difficult it is depends on if I give it a go. I made a challenge to myself this year to try new things, new stitches and patterns and all. So far with the crocheting it’s not going very well.

Sitting in my chair ripping out row after row, my thoughts went back to my Dad who was an amazing crocheter. He was really big on detail and if he found a mistake you went back and fixed it no matter how many rows needed to come out. He would sit there and work the ripped rows back before going to bed. I sat in my chair doing the same thing but I think the frustration won the battle for now. So, it is on to a new pattern and hoping that time is on my side. Its a simple pattern and should work up pretty quick.  I will get a picture of the original blanket and the new one so you can see what I struggled with.

Try not to get too discouraged or frustrated when learning new patterns. I am not going to let this get me down, just putting it on hold for a bit.

Photographing Projects in the Works

I like taking pictures of projects along the way for many reasons.

2013-03-20 12.00.10


The about pictures is from a current project I found on the website called http://verypink.com/2012/06/27/learn-to-knit-a-spiral-scarf/

I had no clue what a short row was or how to do one, so this is the best pattern I have found to learn. Staci is amazing and takes you through each step slowly, you can pause the video and rewind as much as you need to get the hang of things. I will show you once I have it done. Notice in the picture I also made sure to get the brand of wool used.


At the beginning to see that the chosen colors work well together. What might look good to the naked eye can be completely different in a photograph. I take pictures along the way as I work to help me document the progression of the work. Especially if it’s a gift, a one of a kind. I don’t think that I have ever created the same project. I love that what I do is a one of a kind gift. Whether it’s for a wedding gift or the arrival of a new baby. It also helps to build a portfolio as such, to show those friends and family who might be looking for that something special to give. I had friends who wanted to give a gift and couldn’t knit or crochet to save themselves. By having my little portfolio I could show off to them what I could do, give them the idea that if they wanted to buy the wool for the gift, I would give them mates rates at the construction of the gift and the photographs as a keep sake for the gift.

2013-03-20 12.29.02


As you can see in the picture to the left, I have three different textures of wool for a scarf I am planning. The Carnival on top is a plain pale blue,looking to match it with the other wool in the photo, which  the blue on the left is heavier which should knit or crochet up fine on its own. The wool on the right is more light weight and needs an anchor for it to knit up, I read somewhere that at times if using wool on the right is not as sturdy in knitting or crocheting, where using a regular color could give it the stability it needs.



My parents were always working together on projects and loving the process. I can remember Dad always taking pics as the gifts were opened and the excitement but also how people would understand that how much love went into creating the gift. That a part of my Mum or Dad or both of them was woven into the gift.

I do that today with what I create. I take the photos to keep as a record but also to help myself stay on track to meet the deadline.

2013-02-18 00.04.05

This is a scarf I am knitting for myself out of some Scottish wool a mate of mine picked up for me. http://verypink.com/2012/12/05/saroyan-scarf/ is the pattern I am using. It is a simple lace pattern, good for beginners like me. It took a little bit of just watching the video before I gave it a try. Its working well and keeping in my challenge of learning new stitches during this year.







Don’t be afraid to create a keepsake of  what you are giving. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, a record for reference but it’s also a piece of you that you are leaving behind. Creating a memory that will last.

Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat

Baby Caps

These work up fairly quick, I can normally do one in less than a day. I don’t have good luck with booties so this is normally the way I go. It’s a simple pattern using size 3 needles. The pattern calls for 1 oz of sport or baby yarn. The bottom 2 caps are done with Baby yarn and the top two are both done with 8 ply but still on the size three needles.


60 stitches for a preemie baby and 70 for a newborn. knit 2, purl 2 to the end of the row. Continue this for 40 rows for a preemie and 44 rows for a newborn. Once rows are finished decrease in the next row by knitting 2, then knit 2 together to the end of the row. Purl the next row. Your next row is knit 1, knit two together across to the end of the row. Keep repeating this until you have 11 stitches left on your needle. Cut your yarn leaving roughly a 14 inch tail. Run your needle through the remaining stitches, pull to draw it shut and do a running stitch down the side. You can add a pompom if you want.