Taking Stock

After a massive clean and looking at projects that need finished. I have been working on 1 or 2 along with a current project.

2 projects I have worked myself out of yarn. Those are put away until I can go shopping.

I got 2 orders for Virus blankets that will sort themselves out in time. I try to spend some time each day on the first blanket that is going. I use television shows to measure the work time. A little bit of work each day is better than nothing.

My stash is not as big as I thought it was but I can see it growing again with needing stuff to finish current projects.

More SoonIMG_20170308_092905_308




Update on Poncho

20151111_102319It was a bit of a struggle to get it going but, I finally got it working. I tried the magic loop method and I just could not get it to work. I got the right needles and its a slow go now with all the increases but it is getting there. I am able to read my work and that is helping.

I used 8 ply white to give the neck more stability and have changed over to the hand spun for now. It is amazing to work with and I like it.

The lady who hired me gave me creative freedom and I have gone for it.

More photos soon