Quick project

I whipped this up as a test from a pattern with The Crochet Crowd. Instead of whip stitching together its is flat brads crochet.

I like how it lays better than a whip stitch or crocheting the squares together.



Too Many Works Needing Worked On.

I have a bad habit of getting board with projects putting them away and then finding them again to finish at some point

How to balance the time to work on things was, well is my biggest issue.

There is a lot to do and to dig myself out, I use the length of what I am watching to work on a project. Right now I am watching the Carolina Panthers/Oakland Raiders game working on a knit project. It is what I call mindless knitting, I can feel my way through the row, it is all in garder stitch so that makes it easy.

When I do the next game I will change the project I am working on. It might not be many rows but some progress is made. I think that is the important part. Progress. I do have a couple of wedding presents to work on but those can be delivered anytime.

The projects that I need to pay attention to and count I usually put something on that I can listen to as I work. Needing to count, I have frogged one project way too much.

My goal this year was to finish a lot of the W.I.P that I have. I didn’t do so well this year so I might as well carry that goal over to next year.

1 year I will actually make. . .Maybe






Works in Progress and other stuff

The Dancer’s socks made it and they are loved and being worn.

Next is starting to send things home to my girls and all so they have stuff for winter. I have small things that I can send and looking for sweater patterns for the grand babies so they have something warm to wear.

The last baby blanket gift has a goal of July 6th to be delivered. I went with a Corner2Corner as it works up in a short time. I have a second C2C for the hospital premiere unit using up some scrap yarn.

I started on a Kerchief shawl that I found from www.allfreeknitting.com    I have not added the stripes but it is a bit of a challenge. I had been looking for something lightweight and easy to wear. I went back to my love of southwest colors for something different.

I started a scarf from www.verypink.com called, sixes and threes cowl. I chose this because of the provisional cast on and grafting at the end. I am using Kendria’s favorite football colors, brown and orange. I did a headband for her and she wanted a set.

I still have my top down shawl to finish. I ran out of one shade of green but had another darker color that fit well and will keep it going.

Pictures soon

Knitting and Crocheting Madly

20150528_130057As you can see by the pictures, I finally got Phil’s Entrelac scarf finished. I am really happy how it turned out. Will I do it again, maybe at some point.  Got the next baby blanket gift delivered and it was good to get it off to little Percy. Next blanket is on the needles and on the decrease side of things. Found out about one more baby but the delivery date for the blanket is early July.

I have been trying to make one day, Charity knitting. Usually on Fridays after getting some work done. was able to deliver a small blanket for the tiny bubs. It was a 10 stitch blanket, It was rough for a first go but it will get used.

I am still working on my crocheted top down shawl, which is going well. Next for me is an oversized cowl using Red Heart yarn. I don’t have much left and will do a stock up when we get home to visit in 2017.

I have a headband on the needles for my daughter in Northern Ohio for next winter. She is a Cleveland Browns fan, so needless to say, she wanted those colors.

Still slowly working on the Crows rug for our bed, I would love to get it down at some point but its gong to take putting other things on the shelf to get it done.

I have started some dancers socks, or yoga socks for some dancers I know. Will be interested when I get their feedback and see how they liked them and if I can improve the design.


Sitting here looking at my W.I.P list is full of blankets, my Boise State knit blanket, the knit and crochet Crows blanket. Central Districts rug, Christmas Rug, Blocks rug.

I have had a little too much time off and its now time to get back to yarn diving and get some stuff done. I have a lot of patterns waiting to be waded through and give a try.

Time for a Catch up.

I finished the 10 stitch blanket, just big enough for the Preemie unit after a good bath and trim of ends, it will get delivered. I was gifted a bag of yarn and in it was another blanket that needs finished and will get delivered also.

IMG_20150421_205847I have the final baby blanket gift going. It’s a new stitch called Catherine Wheel Stitch. It’s a bit of a challenge but I like how its making the blanket thick.







20150422_212504One of my blogging buddies, Funky Air Bear, wrote her first pattern, which I love but one part of it I had trouble with, so I did a change to keep it going. It working out great and I will send her the changes That I had to do, I love cable.


I still have the vest for the Preemiee unit going and will keep those as a travel project.

The Crows blanket is still out and gets worked on as I watch games.

Time for some Yarn Diving




Mystery Crochet Along Finished

20150417_100836The final clue arrived and I was thrilled to get this one finished. It has been quiet the journey and with leaving it til the last-minute, I am glad I did it.

I learned a lot and to that I am so thankful to Mikey and everyone at The Crochet Crowd for.

I chose my colors on the fly and I am happy but not overly happy with them but I made it work.

I would do this again, yup BUT, choosing my colors better and would take more time to do things better, I know there are too many mistakes but I think those came from not knowing.

Thanks again Mikey, Dan and everyone at The Crochet Crowd for all your work.

Mystery Afghan Clue 6

Mystery Afghan

Mystery Afghan

This is the one clue that I am not afraid to admit, freaked me out a lot. I watched the video at 1 am Australian time when it was released and that was a mistake. I had nightmares the rest of the night.

I got up later on and had another look at it and still went thought that there is no way this is going to work. I actually thought that Mikey was nuts on this one.

Still on a bit of a freak out, I watched the video again. I listened to Mikey closely as he explained things and how it was going to go together and all. I listened about the mini balls and do realize that they are most defiantly needed here. I do not have a ball winder so I used a toilet paper roll. In the video Mikey would 43 times for his mini ball, I wound 45 times for that little extra and it is working well.

The first square to do is easy, I had to fudge a little to get the 10 loops needed for the set up but I got it to work. There are lots of little mistakes in this one but that is OK, with being so new and all. Would I make this again? At first I would tell you No Way, but now I would do it.

I kept the video in the background and stopped and rewind-ed as I needed to check the small things as I followed along. I felt pretty proud as I put my first two blocks together and it was not as scary as I first thought. It took a couple of times through stopping and starting the video and listening to the instructions, but I made it.

I have actually added more blocks since I snappy this picture. I cant wait to finish this clue. I am so far outside my comfort zone it is, so scary, well at least for me.

I read on The Crochet Crowd that some of the girls had almost given up. I so encourage you to keep trying, you can do this. Walk though each step with Mikey and stop and rewind the video as many times as you need to. You will get there, trust your skills. That was my problem at first, not trusting the skills that my Dad taught me and those I have learned since his passing  20 years ago.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished works of art. They are all truly amazing.

Excuse me while I get back to flying yarn and blocks.

Baby Blanket

My first round of designing for a while. I kept it simple and hope the pattern makes sense.

Chain 104 loosely. Single crochet in the back of the chain. Chain 3 and turn. Double crochet across to the end. *Make sure to double crochet in the chain 3.*

20150309_153010Chain 3 and turn. (chain 3 counts as 1 double crochet), 1 double crochet, 1 back post double crochet. Repeat across, ending with 2 double crochet.




Chain 3 and turn. 1 double crochet, front post double crochet, (it should line up with the back post double crochet from the row before.

20150308_2137046 rows of front and back post double crochet. 6 rows of double of each color

6 rows of half double crochet.







Will finish with white in half double crochet and use white for the border.



Getting better

2013-12-29 20.28.47At not starting so many projects….

Sort of. I just started a new mystery follow along with yarnspirations, there is still time to join as the second clue just came out today.


I am doing the crochet one but keeping the clues and might try the knit one later on.

I got the second baby blanket delivered and now can start another one. The only scarf I have is the one for Phil and I would like to get myself in the routine of doing 2 rows a day with it. Being the Entrelac Pattern is takes a little longer but I am enjoying the pattern. It should make a nice afghan when I get the time to try it.

I have a blanket started in Entrelac but I am thinking I might give it away for now, there are too many mistakes in it and I am not happy. I do have a correct hook now but my daughter Kendria has made a request for a blanket for Camp Quality,so that takes place over anything else.

I am still devoting one day to hospital work and I am hoping that I can get that going more on a regular basis.

Time for me to go yarn diving