Finished and Starting Again

Got one project delivered.

She wanted a vest made, OK, I normally don’t do clothes but this time I took the order. (I don’t have good luck with clothes)  She did like it and was happy with the fit. She didn’t place another order, to be honest I was happy with it. the pattern was hard and it took a bit to figure it out. I had started another Shawl but she gave away (the first one I made her), she doesn’t use them.  So, I just need to return the extra yarn since she doesn’t need me for anything else.

I do a lot of knitting and crocheting for gifts, there are some babies on the way at the Crows and I feel like I can finally start on a few blankets to gift hoping before the little ones arrive.

I have one order to finished but there is not a time frame on it. One is waiting to send off in the post, just need some cash for postage.

Time for a little reorganisation and trying to find something that includes Phil. He patiently waits for something that his just his and I need to make that happen

Looking for a dragonfly pattern for a friend, I am not sure I can get it made in time but I want to try, looks easy.

Always plenty to do and try and never enough time or money.


Updated Works in Progress list.

It’s a new year so it’s time to update the W.I.P list. Still my goal this year to finish off as many as possible without loading more on my work load.

(Knit) — Boise State Rug — should have been done for the 75th birthday. they are cruising so as long as I can get it finished and shipped before they decide to cruise again, will make me happy

(Knit) — Crows Large Wrap — this is part 2 of an order for the same person. I was given the yarn to use and creating was left up to me. I used larger needles then ask as the lady is short, I am trying to make the needed adjustments to fit her.

(Knit) — D.K weight shawl for me. Based on Marley Bird’s Textured Triangular Shawl. Sticking with the textured and lace as I feel moved to make changes.  The lace is still the challenge but this should give me some better practice.

(Knit) — Gray knit vest. This is part of an order that has taken too long to finish. It took  a bit to get the pattern figured out but I have looked at it to long and its time to get it done and delivered

(Crochet) — Planned pooling. This one is another me project. Not quite sure where it will finish up but working the variegated part first and then will decide from there.

(Crochet) — 5 point star. 1 for each of the grandbabies made of their favourite colours. Trying to use up scraps and odd skeins.

(Knit) — simple shawl. Yarn from Hildy.  Pattern of my choice.

(Crochet) Christmas Blanket — blocks used from another rug I started.

(Knit,Crochet) — using up odd skeins to help with stock.

(Knit, Crochet) — Nan’s knit blocks, crocheting them together to give back to Erica.

(Crochet) David Robertson’s Blanket — created to donate.

(Crochet) Jake Peavy’s Blanket — Can keep or donate

(Crochet) Central Districts Rug — Oldest W I P



Crochet Math

When designing a new project I hate dong the math. It was never a strong suit in school.

I love a new challenge but when its all on me I get a little nervy. My birthday is coming soon and I always take that week to learn new stuff, try new things but I wanted to get a jump on this one.

Trying to make sure It’s wide enough to fit the design, have I got the center figured in? I know the size of the design but getting it as centred as I can is what is driving me around the twist right now.

Deciding on which stitch I want to use?

It’s a brand new project, surprise gift for hubby. I have never done a graphgan before so I am taking on a mountain here but have I got enough knowledge to survive this one?

It’s a huge step outside my comfort zone. I better pack something to eat and drink. I could be out in crochet land awhile.


Sorry for my Disappearance

Happy Holidays

I am sorry I have disappeared but I needed some down time. The shoulders and hands were giving me a hard time and rest was the only way I was going to get through the pain.  Too many projects going and not enough time.

New year coming new plan.

I have started my knitting/crochet list for the day. Even if I do a set amount of rows, 2 to 3 projects a day can get worked on. I do listen to my body and take some time between projects. There is so much I want to do this coming year. Lot’s of friends having babies or little ones I want to do a project for.

Phil is so patient and I want to make sure I can do something special for him. Trying to work up the nerve for my first graphgan

It’s time I get back to life and being creative.

Who is joining me?


Too Many Projects and Not Enough Time.

Once again I have managed to spread myself just a little too thin.

How to budget my time to make the most of what I need to get done is a constant issue.

I have the projects that I need light and I need to pay attention to and then there is what I call the mindless knitting. That stuff that I can knit and not pay attention to.

I got an order for 2 lap blankets for next footy season here in Australia.

Grey Vest

knit vest — took me a bit to master the pattern but finally got it going. this is part of my knitting for an elderly lady. I don’t charge her much but she always has a challenge for me.





I started the Marly Bird knit along Garter Stitch Shawl. This is a me project. It’s a 4 row repeat and should work up pretty quick.  I’m using up yarn from the Marly Bird shawl knit along. That is another project I will do again.

Garter Stitch Shawl










I divide up my work time as I am watching shows or movies. Changing projects at the end of the show or movie. I get numb fingers if I am at this too long so I am always taking breaks between projects especially if I am having a full day of knit/crochet

Working on a Virus Shawl for the Crows Supporters Group to raffle off soon.

It’s time I get organized and find the priority in this mess


Kint Along With Marley Bird

This was a great pattern and Marley was wonderful in teaching.

I do like my shawl bigger so I added extra rows.

Doing the lace was new, I don’t do much just because I do find it kind of hard. The twist on this was you did your 2 together on the purl side. For me it was hard on my thumbs but it looks amazing and I will try the trick again. The lace actually pops by doing it on the wrong side.

I will make this again for sure but will give it my twist adding extra rows.

Thanks Marley

2 More Projects ready for delivery

The 1st is a knit lap blanket in wedding colors. All I had to work with was Instagram photos. I just knitting and did a pattern as I felt like it. Instead of joining at the ends, I joined when my yarn ran out, just for a change.








The Virus Shawl was already a work in progress but I decided to flip it and a gift in another direction. The first pink strip is in relation to cancer. Her hubby has had various cancer fights and won those. She also likes pink so that chose the soft rose color for the second strip.

Not Enough Time in the Day

There are so many great projects out there now and I can’t even begin to tell you want I want to do next.

I have way too much going as usual but I need to work out timing to work on things. I usually do it by project and program. At the end of the program I usually change projects but if I am close to finishing, I will try and keep going.

Because I have evening light issues, I work on the darker projects during the day. I keep it simple at night so I can enjoy watching telly and not have to pay too much attention to what I am working on.

I am falling back in the trap of stuff for everyone else and nothing for Phil and myself.  I have blankets started for both of us. It’s winter here in Australia and it gets cold. No wind chill to deal with just cold.

I need to get organized and see what needs to be the priority. A couple of things are wedding presents and will need done soon. Others are orders and a couple of surprise gifts.

I need to shop to get projects done but I need to find that discipline again to get things done before I start.



Those pesky W.I.P

After a massive clean a few weeks ago it was disheartening that I had found so many things not finished.

To be honest I was really disappointed in myself. How had I let things get so bad?

One project was 15 years old and NOT DONE.

I have really resigned myself to finishing before starting more. Some I have stopped to make wedding or baby presents that had worked up quick.

Poor hubby is still waiting on his sweater but I am working on a blanket for him for fall, which I know he will use.

Still nothing for me. Hubby always complains that too much goes out the door and nothing is mine but I am trying to take care of that one. I did start a blanket for me, now if it gets finished or not by fall that is another story.

Am I the only one who looks at something on YouTube and goes “I got to try that?”

If I would just stay off there long enough to finish, just maybe. .

Fingers crossed