In the Home Stretch

20161216_115744Final color of the blanket and it will get delivered on time.

It is a great pattern but you do have to pay attention and count, that is the biggest part. If your numbers are off then y our screwed and frogging.

The pico round is the most tedious and you need to take your time.

I love how this turned out and will do it again but when I am not so rushed.



Starting to build my Works in Progress

This is block 1 in the Baby Sampler from


It was an easy crochet, using the video was great.








The 5 point star is a little daunting to start but once you get through the basic, everything else is a piece of cake. I would use the video for this one.





Mikey’s Zig Zag single crochet blanket. I usually can’t get this pattern to work but Mikey really breaks it down and makes it simple. I used the video but i will include the pattern.

The Queen of Hearts blanket is a simple gap space in double crochet.









This is called From the Middle Baby Blanket. It works up so easy and this is my new go to afghan





Delivery Made

I am over the moon to share that the projects were dropped off last 20160111_205048 20160111_205055night and she was over the moon with the outcome. so much so I have another order from her.

I do not have to deliver til July, which is winter time here. she liked the poncho but she is an older lady and I want to do something that is not too heavy for her but keeps her warm.

Her favorite colors are red and blue, She gave me a bag of yarn which has plenty to choose from.

The scarf above was also done out of left over yarn, which was a quick knit. I might have to do one for myself.


Finished the Poncho

I am so glad it’s finally done. This pattern has caused a lot of tears and frustration but I am happy how it turned out.

I started it out with regular yarn in case I had to rip it out, well, I spent a day ripping and crying as I did this but I finally got the pattern going. It knits up well, with the hand spun though as my hands got sweaty it was hard to work on things.

Finishing up the scarf I was also able to make as the poncho did not take as much yarn as I expected.

20160111_122901 20160111_122916 20160111_122931


Time for a Catch up.

I finished the 10 stitch blanket, just big enough for the Preemie unit after a good bath and trim of ends, it will get delivered. I was gifted a bag of yarn and in it was another blanket that needs finished and will get delivered also.

IMG_20150421_205847I have the final baby blanket gift going. It’s a new stitch called Catherine Wheel Stitch. It’s a bit of a challenge but I like how its making the blanket thick.







20150422_212504One of my blogging buddies, Funky Air Bear, wrote her first pattern, which I love but one part of it I had trouble with, so I did a change to keep it going. It working out great and I will send her the changes That I had to do, I love cable.


I still have the vest for the Preemiee unit going and will keep those as a travel project.

The Crows blanket is still out and gets worked on as I watch games.

Time for some Yarn Diving




Got a Question

Mystery Afghan

Mystery Afghan

How often do you create a project just for yourself?

Phil just gets really annoyed with me for things always going out the door and not taking any time to create something for me. I have things sitting here for everyone else, and I ask myself “Is it OK to be selfish?”

I have started looking at patterns, for ME first. Found some great things on Lion Brand and Red Heart for some winter wear. Easy to create and I think will be nice and warm.

I am on The Crochet Crowd on Face Book and love all the inspiration and support from looking at the pictures and looking at the encouragement.  I started a Mystery Afghan from Yarnspirations and it has been interesting to say the least. Its time for an update on that one soon.

Awhile back I got a Life Coaching session, one of the things she had me do was to set aside some time one day a week for me. Well, I have done that, it’s a way of life now. Every Monday afternoon, I put everything aside and work on something for me. Right now I am working on the Mystery Afghan and the Top Down Shawl. I did make myself Mobius scarf last year and love it.  I finished a rug for myself but it needs a little repair work.

Phil says that I do not spoil myself enough and maybe its time I did that a little more often.

Here’s the question – How do you spoil yourself knitting or crocheting?

Baby Blanket

My first round of designing for a while. I kept it simple and hope the pattern makes sense.

Chain 104 loosely. Single crochet in the back of the chain. Chain 3 and turn. Double crochet across to the end. *Make sure to double crochet in the chain 3.*

20150309_153010Chain 3 and turn. (chain 3 counts as 1 double crochet), 1 double crochet, 1 back post double crochet. Repeat across, ending with 2 double crochet.




Chain 3 and turn. 1 double crochet, front post double crochet, (it should line up with the back post double crochet from the row before.

20150308_2137046 rows of front and back post double crochet. 6 rows of double of each color

6 rows of half double crochet.







Will finish with white in half double crochet and use white for the border.



Other Projects

One of the blogs that I follow, she has a super idea that I am trying to adopt this year. She only allows herself a set number of projects going at one time and she can not start another til one project is finished. I sat here the other night and looked at all I have going and I am really frustrated by how I have let things get out of hand.

I am down to one scarf and that is Phil’s Entrelac scarf is the one scarf at the moment.

The hospital charity stuff is on going and I will do what I can to one day a week to working on projects for the little ones. I love doing it but I think I need to look at things that will work up in the least amount of time.

I started a corner 2 corner in White sox colors, doing blocks which I will put together at some point. I am not sure of the size that I want.

Most of what I have left are Afghans or Rugs as they are called here in Australia. One of them will be for our bed which is a Queen size bed.

I would love to get a little on-line shop going. I just do not have the stock built up for it now but maybe though out the year I can get something going.

It is time to get some knitting for family first and organize to sell later

Time to go wool diving


Redesign – don’t give up

Of late I have had two projects that I have found damage and at first just cried. All that work, gone to hell. I was devastated and at first wanted to just throw the whole thing out. After finally getting past the tears and the heartbreak from it I, I stepped back to see what positive I could find.

20141019_171459With the Crows rugs, I actually thought all the work that was for a queen size bed was lost, but I have manged to save part of the original rug and keep the same pattern that i started and have that section which is a work in progress.


20141019_171525 I have just learned how to do a Corner 2 Corner blanket thanks to The Crochet Crowd and Mikey, that just got started the other night and it goes pretty quick. So I will use that section to start that and once that panel is used up will move over to wool. 20141019_171607


I knew how to do the afghan stitch or Tunisian Crochet. I like how thick it is and all, I started an Entrelac scarf and discovered you can do a rug out of the same, in crochet using the Afghan stitch. I have one started in strips, Its slow but I like how its turning out, even hubby is liking the thickness and that is doesn’t have holes. 20141019_171648

Wanting to work on my knitting skills, I started following a knit along from Creative bug and Red Heart, I am only to week four but its a challenge and will get harder. I love the fact it is pushing me out side the box.



The other problem child was in my hospital knitting, I had the rug almost done and ready to go and I found damage at the beginning of the rug, I started another corner to corner which should go quick and be at the size they are asking for. (Pictures to come on this one. )

Everything went on hold for a while, when I buried myself, in writing and nothing else, now its keeping challenges I made to myself when I turned 50 and keeping alive what my adopted parents taught me. They gave me their love of creating and I am taking that to new levels. (I hope)

Project Photos

Got some photos taken of current project to bring you up to speed.

The Corner 2 Corner looked harder than it is. I was really surprised. Mikey broke it down so it was easy to understand and it flies. I am happy with how this is turning out. I have scrap yarn that I will give this pattern a go with. Once you get the basics of it, it flies.

Corner 2 Corner

Corner 2 Corner









Crows rug is a rebuild from an original project. There was too much damage and to save it I had to pull it apart. It has now become 3 totally different rugs all together.

Crows Rug -  Crochet

Crows Rug – Crochet









I found this pattern on It will be a challenge. I did not like the size of the original blocks, so after a chat to Pj I did some adjusting. I have never made the 2 colored square before. Still trying to decide if I want to put it together as I go or at the end

Christmas Rug - Crochet

Christmas Rug – Crochet