About Cricket and the Story Behind this Blog

I love to knit and crochet and this blog came about to help me finish all those W.I.P or WORKS IN PROGRESS. All those projects that for one reason or another I stopped to work on something else and never got back to. Those things I started for myself but stopped to make gifts for other events or I ran out of wool and never got back to getting finished.

I learned to knit from my Mum, Edith and crocheting came by way of my Dad,Gene who was so amazing at what he did. The most complex designs he made look so easy and he was not afraid to try anything. I can remember crying at him ripping out 20 or 30 rows for one little mistake when I was learning but as I sat there and worked the yearn back and fixing the mistake, I understood the pride and love that went in to each piece that he made.

When I was expecting my girls, Kendria and Alisha my parents made sure that we had those special hand-made gifts that we could wrap them up in love from their grandparents and they were also creating an heirloom to pass on to them when they left home to start their own families. I also was able to make a few things to put away for them to have a heirloom from me when it was time.

Now I am a grandma to Elizabeth and Gabriel and have gifts to finish for them. I can not wait to given them a little bit of me to pass on to their children.

I am hoping that this blog will also help me get organized with the projects I have left and to also help me to be inspired to get things finished. I will also be using photographs to document  each project, sharing all aspects of the piece from the pattern to the type of wool, needles and how to care for them,

I hope that if I can leave you with one thing its this, that each time you pick up a knitting needle or a crochet hook you leave a tiny piece of you behind in the work. That you have created something unique, one of a kind that no one else in the world will have.



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