Birthday Week Projects

For those of you were are new to my blog, when I turned 50, instead of a freak out I decided to turn it into a positive.

I spend the week looking at those patterns on my list that I have not had the nerve to try.

I have spent the last couple of days working on my scrap Works in Progress.

Cluster Waves Blanket – have to watch the turning but its a simple pattern. 20170131_124535







Simple Crochet Chevron – single crochet. The ends and turning get me. It is helping to stash bust but I won’t do it again. 20170131_114408








5 Point Star – Mikey has a great pattern and it is alot easier than it looks









Moss stitch – I am using a single crochet but you can also do a double crochet









Timeless memories – just getting started but it is a simple pattern. Front Post Crochet is a new one for me.



Starting from Scratch

The blanket in the picture was gong on but I was starting to have real doubts. After a chat to the hubby I grabbed the knitting needles and have started again.

Normally I wold start new color at one of the ends of the row but this time have decided to just knit what I have already crocheted.

More soon 20170110_123250