Merry Christmas

How can I ever say “THANKS” for your love and support, over the year.

I love reading what your up to playing with yarn and what you have created.

I am taking some time off blogging over the holidays but will be madly knitting and crocheting my fingers to the bone with lots to show you in the new year.

My Skype is always on if you ever want to pop in for a visit

hugs yarn weavers. Have a super holidays and see you in 2017



Finished Project

Wedding gift #1 done and delivered

I am happy with out it turned out, Yes some mistakes but most of them I could hide. There were a few times I called my girlfriend in tears going I had to “Frog” again.

Would I do this pattern again, sure but with more time on the clock to finish.


In the Home Stretch

20161216_115744Final color of the blanket and it will get delivered on time.

It is a great pattern but you do have to pay attention and count, that is the biggest part. If your numbers are off then y our screwed and frogging.

The pico round is the most tedious and you need to take your time.

I love how this turned out and will do it again but when I am not so rushed.


Virus Blanket – Take 2

20161207_091731I WIN


OK, let me explain. A few weeks ago I was trying the Virus Blanket pattern and it was going OK, but then I ran into a hiccup. What is was I have no clue but things just were not working in my favor. No matter how many times I frogged it was not gong to work and I gave in.

I gave in, but putting the pattern on the shelf. I was not going to let it beat me.

Well, I decided it was time to give it a go once again and this time, it all fell into place. I am over the moon that it all worked out and I am well on my way to finish it this time.