The Virus Pattern

20161111_105734I got brave after looking at all the great Virus shawl pictures in my facebook group to give it a go.

The whole thing looked like it was going to be a real challenge but once I watch the video, it was like, “OK, I got  this”

I had to frog it back once only because I could feel that my tension was too tight. Once I got the tension right, things started to lay better.

The count – this is the one thing that you must keep right, the number of double crochet’s is 10 including your chain 3 at the beginning, if this number is off then you will be off in your next round. Better to count and get it right the first time then to have to frog and I know we all hate to frog, whether its knitting or crochet

I started a virus blanket also but at the time of writing this I have to do some dreaded frogging because I am off somewhere and need to discover what I did.

Once you can memorize the pattern it’s easy, I have spent a lot of time on YouTube with this pattern to make, tons of rewind and stop, starts to get things to look right.

I better get a move on, I got a blanket to fix.

Give this a try, it is not as hard as you think it is.


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