What’s On My Hooks and Needles

Way too much on the hooks and all right now, so I am trying to play catch up

I had to take 2 months off my right elbow strapped up thanks to arthritis, which as developed in both elbows.

The one order I had been working on  for 2 shawls and I have decided not to charge her. She is on a pension and is a wonderful little lady. (her favorite colors are red and blue)

20161111_105734I got inspired by everyone posting their Virus shawl pictures and I had to go for it myself. It took a little to get the pattern going but it is working. It took a little nerve to make this step but it is easier than it looks.





20161111_105130I also started a virus blanket. That one gave me a few fits and after frogging it out twice, I got it. Yea Me.






20161111_105617I have a simple knit shawl,  I had been looking for a triangular shawl with an easy increase and after translating from Italian, I managed the pattern.






20161111_105453My version of the Old Man of Storr her request was for red, she gave me some of her stash and it was what I found digging through.






img_20161107_203917I gave pooling a try and thanks to Mikey, I got it working.