Inspiration from my Crochet Sisters

This entry comes from a post on Facebook from one of the groups I am in.

We are all die-hard, hookers (slang for Crocheters) and cant get enough of what we do. It is not often if at all that we hook up something for ourselves. I don’t know about my Sisters but I am guilty of sending more out the door then I do for myself or my hubby, even he said from time to time, “Spoil yourself”  or “Where’s my scarf”

What we do is unique and special. I am loving all the work that I am seeing in the pics and all. You could give 6 of us the same pattern and I can promise you  that you would get 6 different projects back.

No piece is the same and that is how it should be in what we do.

My line is called Cricket’s Originals.  I NEVER do the same pattern twice. Each piece is different and special, it has a bit of my heart and soul in it. a couple of years ago I got an order for 3 scarfs, 1 was to be the old school stripped scarf and the only thing about the other 2 was they needed to be black and white. When I do a scarf I love it to be textured, so I used different patterns in each scarf.

Guess what I am getting is that I am proud to wear my work.  I know the quality is good. I am picky and I know that it what I create will stand the test of time and will be  wearable for years,

So, to my Crochet sisters out there wear your creations proud. Show off what you do. I for one cant wait to see what you design next.