Forced Rest

As much as I hate this, I have knitter’s elbow.

The doctor gave me some exercises to do but for now all I can do is just rest and it’s so frustrating.

There are lots sitting there and I cant work on anything.

There is one project that I can do, taking apart a blanket that was not constructed well, I am breaking it down and will make some blankets for the hospital and keep the squares for a blanket for us.

I want ti hurry up and get better soon cause this is driving me around the twist.

I am loving what everyone is working on, time to research some new projects.


A Cricket Original has a New Home

Screenshot_2016-03-14-21-10-43A few weeks ago, while hanging out on Periscope at Ron’s Roof Top and the Chair of dreams. It was cold in New York and the comment was made he needed a scarf. I was what his favorite colors were and he told us, green and purple. I told him “Done”

In the next 24 hours, I had started an original design for him. Olive Green with Purple variegated. It was very textured and I changed colors as the mood struck me to do. I finished with an almost Royal Purple.  The only worry was the length. I solved that one by how long I like my scarf and went  from there.

I got it posted and it arrived while Ron was away. I received a tweet the next morning after Ron had arrived home with a picture that the scarf had arrived home safe.

My Twitter blew up the night he wore it on a scope and I was so happy that he was thrilled with the colors and all, he proudly shows it off whenever he wears it.

There will be another one for fall designed just for Ron. I cant wait to send it to him.