Starting to build my Works in Progress

This is block 1 in the Baby Sampler from


It was an easy crochet, using the video was great.








The 5 point star is a little daunting to start but once you get through the basic, everything else is a piece of cake. I would use the video for this one.





Mikey’s Zig Zag single crochet blanket. I usually can’t get this pattern to work but Mikey really breaks it down and makes it simple. I used the video but i will include the pattern.

The Queen of Hearts blanket is a simple gap space in double crochet.









This is called From the Middle Baby Blanket. It works up so easy and this is my new go to afghan






Delivery Made

I am over the moon to share that the projects were dropped off last 20160111_205048 20160111_205055night and she was over the moon with the outcome. so much so I have another order from her.

I do not have to deliver til July, which is winter time here. she liked the poncho but she is an older lady and I want to do something that is not too heavy for her but keeps her warm.

Her favorite colors are red and blue, She gave me a bag of yarn which has plenty to choose from.

The scarf above was also done out of left over yarn, which was a quick knit. I might have to do one for myself.


Finished the Poncho

I am so glad it’s finally done. This pattern has caused a lot of tears and frustration but I am happy how it turned out.

I started it out with regular yarn in case I had to rip it out, well, I spent a day ripping and crying as I did this but I finally got the pattern going. It knits up well, with the hand spun though as my hands got sweaty it was hard to work on things.

Finishing up the scarf I was also able to make as the poncho did not take as much yarn as I expected.

20160111_122901 20160111_122916 20160111_122931