End of Year Thoughts

It has been quite a year and first off I must say “THANK YOU” all of you for your love, support and encouragement through out this year.

I have been able to  get some projects off my “Works in Progress” list. I took time out to do other projects which I am glad I did but I felt at one point I have lost my way.

Glenda’s post talking about getting organized and discovering what is on Raverly got my attention. I used it for a while but I need to get back to it.

The Poncho I got hired to make is all knitted but have discovered it was too short and I am adding a crocheted edge to it for length. I am liking how it is turning out. Also knitting her a scarf that will use up what was left of the yarn I was given. (Pictures before I deliver)

I ask Phil if it was selfish to have a year of knitting to myself. Finally getting that sweater made for him. I want to clean up more of my works in project list and do some designing and all. I love knitting for my friends, sending then surprises. I have a scarf I need to get finished and in the mail to New York

I am hoping to plan after the holidays to work all year-long on things so next Christmas will be special.  I love doing handmade items and I so totally missed it this year. I have plenty of ideas and here is hoping I can bring them to life.

Merry Christmas my follow knitters and crocheters