Works in Progress List.

One of my other knitting blog girlfriends made her W.I.P list and it is an encouragement to make mine.

Kendria’s Cleveland Browns Headband and Tube Scarf. — Headband done, just need to finish scarf.

Alisha’s Best mate Ohio State scarf — Probably another week to go maybe a week and a half on it.

Crow’s Blanket — Crochet. On hold for now til I can get more yarn but its going. Hoping to work on it over the summer.

Central District Bulldog’s Crochet blanket — Still on hold collecting dust.

Christmas Rug — will get it going again but may change design.

Block recondition rug.  — sitting it parts now. Still trying to figure out what I am doing with it. Will continue to take apart and go from there.

Hospital stuff — Is on going and I try to throw that into the mix when I need a change.

Boise State rug — This is the third time I am thinking of ripping it out and starting again. I am just not happy with it.

There are other bags in my box broken down for blankets but they can wait for now. I am really trying to get a few things finished but I am getting orders from new clients and I have to work them into the mix.

I also have my top down shawl that is crochet and I am loving how it is turning out. Once, that is done I am planning to start on hubby’s sweater. It’s a top down Raglan which I hope will be simple enough and I can do it for him and have it done for winter.

I still have one other blanket that needs done but I am trying to buy enough yarn to finish it. Fingers crossed



Sorry it’s Been so Long.

It has been awhile since I have stopped in and I must apologize for that. I have been busy with lots going on.

I got a few projects finished up and all. There are still way too many things on my list though.

My one daughter wanted a Ohio State scarf for her best mate, so that is over half done I would say., The Cleveland Browns scarf for my other daughter is getting there.

Been doing some designing of new projects and I forgot how much I missed that. Since I have been on Periscope, I have picked up new clients.

Getting better with using up left off yarn starting scrap blankets and using off skeins off also.

I so need to really clean up stuff. Trying to rework my schedule so I have more time to take care of me and enjoy knitting and crocheting again