Blown away by a “Thank You” phone call

t20150621_093502As a few of you know I had a run on baby blanket gifts going out the door at high-speed. Hubby and I figured it was roughly 5 blankets in 6 weeks. It was a lot but the hands did pay for it. I think that arthritis had set in and boy the hands do hurt at times. I take something for the pain and move on.

The last Corner 2 corner blanket, ( in the photo above)  got delivered after the person had went on leave. The blanket was for one of the news casters and his wife who were expecting their first. I was hoping to make it before he left but I didn’t make it. That was OK, it was there when he got back. I just left our business cards with the blanket.

The other night we were just hanging out and getting ready to cook dinner when my mobile rang. I put it on speaker when I answered the call and this voice that hubby and I both knew greeted us. He was calling to thank hubby and I for the wonderful gift.

He shared about the birth and how it all went. Baby Eden arrived safe. He could not believe that a total stranger would do something so wonderful and take the time to do something that special. He also shared about taking the gift home to his wife and she was also stunned by the quality of the gift and that someone would do this for them. the call lasted roughly an hour. He was interested in how we met and what we are doing now.

He has ask us to make sure we introduce ourselves if we are out and see them, doing a live appearance.

We both smile when he comes on to do the news and we are making plans to go to the show here in September and meet him.


2 thoughts on “Blown away by a “Thank You” phone call

  1. Hi, Cricket! Iove your scopes, (especially the cooking ones!) I didn’t know you knitted or crocheted. My sister wants to learn to do both, and she wants me to join in w/her. Do you have any vids for TOTAL BEGINNERS?
    Any recommendations? Thank you for your time! GHOST – OUT. You can call me GHOST.

    • The 2 best sites I have found are for knitting and for crochet. You can find both of them on you tube. I use both of them to get back to basics and to find new stuff to work on. Let me know if she has any other questions.

      Thanks again


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