Why Being Creative is a Passion

20150702_174710A variation of this question was asked in a page I am mad about on Facebook.

It really got me thinking this morning and I guess I have to go back to my parents and what they passed on to me.I can remember Mom and Dad doing their thing creating really cool projects and all, I just knew I had to learn what they were doing. Dad was crocheting all the time and I ask Mom one day how Dad got started. Mom was sharing that she brought the book to learn and it was Dad who picked it up and ran with it.

I learned to knit from Mom but instead of sitting next to her I stood in front of her and learned to knit left-handed, drove her nuts. Dad taught me to crochet but I would cry at times when he made me rip it out, but I understand why he did it. Even today, I wish at times I wish I could go back and rip out life stuff and do it again but we all know how that ends.

Knitting and Crocheting, along with Cross stitch and sewing have always been outlets in one way or another, I made clothes for me, learning to sew in 4 H, Self taught quilting, when the kids came along I shifted my focus to my girls and being a thrifty as I could.

A life long battle with depression, I would find myself hiding deep in projects to try to just survive. Finding creative juices, was a life saver at times when I needed to have that focus on something. Even today, I go to the creative side when I need to try to change the thought process to get through those 5 minutes, hoping that the next time I realize the time its hours later.

I actually turned the creative stuff into a business. Just by chance there was a couple I was chatting to shopping who had brought yarn and a pattern and had no clue where to start to create the gift they wanted to give for a wedding. When I looked at the pattern and talked about the colors they had bought and all, my response was “That’s Easy.” Well, the rest as they say is history and in roughly 3 weeks I delivered them a gift. My clients were over the moon and things just took off from there.

Right now, things are well, a little overwhelming but it is OK. Right now I am creating for my grandbabies. I also do stuff for the local hospital for the new babies who are in the Preemie unit.

When I turned 50, I made it a goal for a year to learn everything new, patterns, stitches and what is new out there. That process has turned into a way of life. It has renewed my passion for what I do. That I want to learn more and grow more as an all around craft designer.

I can do this, if I reinvent myself and open myself to all that is out there, and continue to learn and grow, I know I have left something behind for my kids and grandkids to be proud of and to say, “My Mom or my Grandma made that.”

I challenge those of you reading this to keep learning, keep challenging yourself. You have no idea what you care able to achieve, just put your mind to it, if it does not work one way try another.

I Hear a story about Thomas Edison, and creating the light bulb. Someone ask him about why he kept trying, He basically said that 99 ways didn’t work but that 100th time did, so……..

Are you going to be like Edison and be in the dark after 99 times of trying or will 100 be the key?