Works in Progress and other stuff

The Dancer’s socks made it and they are loved and being worn.

Next is starting to send things home to my girls and all so they have stuff for winter. I have small things that I can send and looking for sweater patterns for the grand babies so they have something warm to wear.

The last baby blanket gift has a goal of July 6th to be delivered. I went with a Corner2Corner as it works up in a short time. I have a second C2C for the hospital premiere unit using up some scrap yarn.

I started on a Kerchief shawl that I found from    I have not added the stripes but it is a bit of a challenge. I had been looking for something lightweight and easy to wear. I went back to my love of southwest colors for something different.

I started a scarf from called, sixes and threes cowl. I chose this because of the provisional cast on and grafting at the end. I am using Kendria’s favorite football colors, brown and orange. I did a headband for her and she wanted a set.

I still have my top down shawl to finish. I ran out of one shade of green but had another darker color that fit well and will keep it going.

Pictures soon


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