Just Stuff

Projects are going well but I am at a bit of a stand still. I need to get into the yarn box to get sorted and to get moving again.

I have been taking my cue from one of my crochet mates whose blog I follow to only have 3 projects going at once. I have one knit project, one crochet project and something for me. Well, at least I try to do that..(insert giggles here). I am starting to see with help from hubby that is really is OK to keep things for myself. Most of what I do is gifted or donated or I sell but it took turning 50 to see that It really is OK to make time for myself. I do that every Monday afternoon. I work on projects that I chose, that are for myself or for one of the grandbabies.

I love looking for patterns and I find myself in looking for things that are special that I like but I also go back and look at what I have saved and will have the second look at the pattern if I really want to save it and give it a try.

I finally got the yarn box checked out and I am in actually better shape than I realized. Except for the hospital stuff that gets delivered when I have things to take, the top priority is the baby blanket that is a gift that needs to be gone by early July.

I can finally send stuff to the grand babies and to the kids. The finances are finally allowing me to get some long-awaited things out.

Is it to early to start thinking about Christmas presents?