Pattern Mad and Random Thoughts

Yes, I have gone pattern mad.

There have been so great patterns out there of late and my saves and Ravelry is growing by the day. On Monday afternoon, I have made it ” Cricket’s Time” , to work on something for me. I have gotten into knitting or  crocheting shawls, cowls and have been looking for sweater patterns. Some I like but are not in my size, thanks to Lion Brand for coming out with sweaters for curvy girls like me, needless to say that I am over the moon to see those. I can not wait to give those a try.

Someone yesterday when I was out at St.Peter’s on welcoming duty, I was able to share about knitting and all. I will do a piece according to pattern, to learn it and iron out any issues and all but if I do the same pattern again, I put my twist on the piece, making it unique. Is it just me, but I think that each piece we design with knitting needles or a crochet hook is different and special. We give it our heart and soul as we work our magic and when we give the gift or are luck enough to sell the piece, we are leaving a bit of ourselves behind. Being silly, I wonder what the pieces would say if they could talk, (insert giggles)

I am also looking at baby blankets, especially for the tiny bubs that need some help getting started in life. Knitting for the Neonatal unit, is hard at times but I get myself in the mindset that, the little piece of me that I am giving makes a difference, it is well worth it. It is one of those deliveries that you won’t find out what has happened once you leave the blanket or vest behind.

I am always on the lookout for new patterns, I have two grandbabies to knit and crochet for. I am always looking at all the clothes patterns and thinking about how I can spoil them. My parents were always making things for my girls and when Alisha had Elizabeth, she ask me to make her things. She wanted me to give her all those wonderful memories and to leave her the legacy that my Mom had left her.

So, Here is the Question — What Legacy are you leaving behind?