Knitting and Crocheting Madly

20150528_130057As you can see by the pictures, I finally got Phil’s Entrelac scarf finished. I am really happy how it turned out. Will I do it again, maybe at some point.  Got the next baby blanket gift delivered and it was good to get it off to little Percy. Next blanket is on the needles and on the decrease side of things. Found out about one more baby but the delivery date for the blanket is early July.

I have been trying to make one day, Charity knitting. Usually on Fridays after getting some work done. was able to deliver a small blanket for the tiny bubs. It was a 10 stitch blanket, It was rough for a first go but it will get used.

I am still working on my crocheted top down shawl, which is going well. Next for me is an oversized cowl using Red Heart yarn. I don’t have much left and will do a stock up when we get home to visit in 2017.

I have a headband on the needles for my daughter in Northern Ohio for next winter. She is a Cleveland Browns fan, so needless to say, she wanted those colors.

Still slowly working on the Crows rug for our bed, I would love to get it down at some point but its gong to take putting other things on the shelf to get it done.

I have started some dancers socks, or yoga socks for some dancers I know. Will be interested when I get their feedback and see how they liked them and if I can improve the design.


Sitting here looking at my W.I.P list is full of blankets, my Boise State knit blanket, the knit and crochet Crows blanket. Central Districts rug, Christmas Rug, Blocks rug.

I have had a little too much time off and its now time to get back to yarn diving and get some stuff done. I have a lot of patterns waiting to be waded through and give a try.