More Catch Up

I was able to get more yarn to finish Phil’s Entrelac scarf. It was on sale which was even better, so I got 2 balls of wool to finish it. What made my trip to Spotlight at Munno Para was that I found Lion Brand Yarn. It is a little expensive for me but I will make something for Phil or myself. It is great yarn do not get me wrong, it’s the budget.

I started another top down shawl for me but I changed patterns. I was actually looking at some video’s on YouTube and found the pattern. It is simple but I can make it as big as I want it and they even showed different ways to wear it.

More Soon



Time for a Catch up.

I finished the 10 stitch blanket, just big enough for the Preemie unit after a good bath and trim of ends, it will get delivered. I was gifted a bag of yarn and in it was another blanket that needs finished and will get delivered also.

IMG_20150421_205847I have the final baby blanket gift going. It’s a new stitch called Catherine Wheel Stitch. It’s a bit of a challenge but I like how its making the blanket thick.







20150422_212504One of my blogging buddies, Funky Air Bear, wrote her first pattern, which I love but one part of it I had trouble with, so I did a change to keep it going. It working out great and I will send her the changes That I had to do, I love cable.


I still have the vest for the Preemiee unit going and will keep those as a travel project.

The Crows blanket is still out and gets worked on as I watch games.

Time for some Yarn Diving




Mystery Crochet Along Finished

20150417_100836The final clue arrived and I was thrilled to get this one finished. It has been quiet the journey and with leaving it til the last-minute, I am glad I did it.

I learned a lot and to that I am so thankful to Mikey and everyone at The Crochet Crowd for.

I chose my colors on the fly and I am happy but not overly happy with them but I made it work.

I would do this again, yup BUT, choosing my colors better and would take more time to do things better, I know there are too many mistakes but I think those came from not knowing.

Thanks again Mikey, Dan and everyone at The Crochet Crowd for all your work.