Top Down Shawl Completed

20150329_100759I finished this pattern and I really liked it. It was easy to work, you need to keep an eye on the ends as you turn and making sure you keep the center worked correctly. It called for 50 rows but I made it to 52. you can defiantly increase it, I will next time.

I used almost 2 skins of 4 season Marvel 8 ply. 100% acrylic. I picked this up at Spotlight here in Australia. I used a 6.50 size crochet hook, the pattern called for a 5.5 meter hook.  I use red fur for 4 rows but I would not do it again. It was hard to see where my stitches went. I did keep the regular wool to keep it sturdy.

20150329_100806 20150329_100826