Top Down Shawl Completed

20150329_100759I finished this pattern and I really liked it. It was easy to work, you need to keep an eye on the ends as you turn and making sure you keep the center worked correctly. It called for 50 rows but I made it to 52. you can defiantly increase it, I will next time.

I used almost 2 skins of 4 season Marvel 8 ply. 100% acrylic. I picked this up at Spotlight here in Australia. I used a 6.50 size crochet hook, the pattern called for a 5.5 meter hook.  I use red fur for 4 rows but I would not do it again. It was hard to see where my stitches went. I did keep the regular wool to keep it sturdy.

20150329_100806 20150329_100826





Mystery Afghan Clue 6

Mystery Afghan

Mystery Afghan

This is the one clue that I am not afraid to admit, freaked me out a lot. I watched the video at 1 am Australian time when it was released and that was a mistake. I had nightmares the rest of the night.

I got up later on and had another look at it and still went thought that there is no way this is going to work. I actually thought that Mikey was nuts on this one.

Still on a bit of a freak out, I watched the video again. I listened to Mikey closely as he explained things and how it was going to go together and all. I listened about the mini balls and do realize that they are most defiantly needed here. I do not have a ball winder so I used a toilet paper roll. In the video Mikey would 43 times for his mini ball, I wound 45 times for that little extra and it is working well.

The first square to do is easy, I had to fudge a little to get the 10 loops needed for the set up but I got it to work. There are lots of little mistakes in this one but that is OK, with being so new and all. Would I make this again? At first I would tell you No Way, but now I would do it.

I kept the video in the background and stopped and rewind-ed as I needed to check the small things as I followed along. I felt pretty proud as I put my first two blocks together and it was not as scary as I first thought. It took a couple of times through stopping and starting the video and listening to the instructions, but I made it.

I have actually added more blocks since I snappy this picture. I cant wait to finish this clue. I am so far outside my comfort zone it is, so scary, well at least for me.

I read on The Crochet Crowd that some of the girls had almost given up. I so encourage you to keep trying, you can do this. Walk though each step with Mikey and stop and rewind the video as many times as you need to. You will get there, trust your skills. That was my problem at first, not trusting the skills that my Dad taught me and those I have learned since his passing  20 years ago.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished works of art. They are all truly amazing.

Excuse me while I get back to flying yarn and blocks.

Got a Question

Mystery Afghan

Mystery Afghan

How often do you create a project just for yourself?

Phil just gets really annoyed with me for things always going out the door and not taking any time to create something for me. I have things sitting here for everyone else, and I ask myself “Is it OK to be selfish?”

I have started looking at patterns, for ME first. Found some great things on Lion Brand and Red Heart for some winter wear. Easy to create and I think will be nice and warm.

I am on The Crochet Crowd on Face Book and love all the inspiration and support from looking at the pictures and looking at the encouragement.  I started a Mystery Afghan from Yarnspirations and it has been interesting to say the least. Its time for an update on that one soon.

Awhile back I got a Life Coaching session, one of the things she had me do was to set aside some time one day a week for me. Well, I have done that, it’s a way of life now. Every Monday afternoon, I put everything aside and work on something for me. Right now I am working on the Mystery Afghan and the Top Down Shawl. I did make myself Mobius scarf last year and love it.  I finished a rug for myself but it needs a little repair work.

Phil says that I do not spoil myself enough and maybe its time I did that a little more often.

Here’s the question – How do you spoil yourself knitting or crocheting?

Baby Blanket

My first round of designing for a while. I kept it simple and hope the pattern makes sense.

Chain 104 loosely. Single crochet in the back of the chain. Chain 3 and turn. Double crochet across to the end. *Make sure to double crochet in the chain 3.*

20150309_153010Chain 3 and turn. (chain 3 counts as 1 double crochet), 1 double crochet, 1 back post double crochet. Repeat across, ending with 2 double crochet.




Chain 3 and turn. 1 double crochet, front post double crochet, (it should line up with the back post double crochet from the row before.

20150308_2137046 rows of front and back post double crochet. 6 rows of double of each color

6 rows of half double crochet.







Will finish with white in half double crochet and use white for the border.