So Far, So Good

About keeping new projects down to just a few things. Right now I do not have a baby rug going, but there is a gift that needs done. and I should find a quick working pattern to do. Hubby made the request for this give and I can’t tell him no.

I have been working on a top down crochet shawl and it is going well, I have to look and see if I have any wool in reserve or I need to head to Spotlight for more. The only scarf I have going is Phil’s and even though it is a slow process a couple of rows a day should get it done.

I am still trying to organize the hospital knitting and I have a little vest for the NICU started and hope that will do quick. I can do one in about 2 to 3 days if I put everything else on hold.

I started a Mystery Afghan from the Crochet Crowd and Yarnspiration and waiting for clue three. I need to get better at getting the clue finished and back to other stuff.

Pictures Soon


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