Getting Organized

One of the things I am trying to do with time off from regular writing is to get some projects organized and the yarn is one of them. Looking at my stash and seeing what I have, what projects I have and finishing those already started. I am taking a cue from of the ladies blogs I follow of not starting more than 3 projects at one time. Well, I have way too many, 8 to be exact, and that needs to change. Most of what I have going are all rugs/afghans, the small knitting is Phil’s scarf in Entrelac, and the knitting for the hospital. That is one thing I need to get going again, its been too long. I want to devote on day a week to the hospital stuff.

I still would love to get a store going but I need to build up the things I would sell. There are some great simple patterns out there and I have a few in mind for creating some unique pieces. A store is on the bucket list now but with the writing doing well, it might have to stay there for now.

I have one cross stitch project going but its a big one. I might put it on hold for some smaller projects that I can take with me also. Lots of new ideas but its making the time.

I am off to go wool diving