Knitting and Crocheting is a Part of Me.

IMG_0053Growing up I loved watching Mom and Dad create their magic in knitting and crocheting.  I always thought how I would love to learn all that and create my magic.

When I turned 50, I made the decision for the year to learn new things, learn everything I could about the craft that I had been taught growing up. 2 years later I am still learning and exploring new patterns and stitches and all.

When writing my first book I had to include how much knitting and crocheting has had such an impact on my life. Any chance I get share my passion I do that. Chapter 3 in my book, Gifts from my Parents,Gene and Edith Brown.  I share about how much of an influence they had on me and how knitting a project can be similar to life. I made it available on Amazon and Kindle E book.

Thank you for your support in this journey.




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