Other Projects

One of the blogs that I follow, she has a super idea that I am trying to adopt this year. She only allows herself a set number of projects going at one time and she can not start another til one project is finished. I sat here the other night and looked at all I have going and I am really frustrated by how I have let things get out of hand.

I am down to one scarf and that is Phil’s Entrelac scarf is the one scarf at the moment.

The hospital charity stuff is on going and I will do what I can to one day a week to working on projects for the little ones. I love doing it but I think I need to look at things that will work up in the least amount of time.

I started a corner 2 corner in White sox colors, doing blocks which I will put together at some point. I am not sure of the size that I want.

Most of what I have left are Afghans or Rugs as they are called here in Australia. One of them will be for our bed which is a Queen size bed.

I would love to get a little on-line shop going. I just do not have the stock built up for it now but maybe though out the year I can get something going.

It is time to get some knitting for family first and organize to sell later

Time to go wool diving



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