Knitting and Crocheting is a Part of Me.

IMG_0053Growing up I loved watching Mom and Dad create their magic in knitting and crocheting.  I always thought how I would love to learn all that and create my magic.

When I turned 50, I made the decision for the year to learn new things, learn everything I could about the craft that I had been taught growing up. 2 years later I am still learning and exploring new patterns and stitches and all.

When writing my first book I had to include how much knitting and crocheting has had such an impact on my life. Any chance I get share my passion I do that. Chapter 3 in my book, Gifts from my Parents,Gene and Edith Brown.  I share about how much of an influence they had on me and how knitting a project can be similar to life. I made it available on Amazon and Kindle E book.

Thank you for your support in this journey.




Other Projects

One of the blogs that I follow, she has a super idea that I am trying to adopt this year. She only allows herself a set number of projects going at one time and she can not start another til one project is finished. I sat here the other night and looked at all I have going and I am really frustrated by how I have let things get out of hand.

I am down to one scarf and that is Phil’s Entrelac scarf is the one scarf at the moment.

The hospital charity stuff is on going and I will do what I can to one day a week to working on projects for the little ones. I love doing it but I think I need to look at things that will work up in the least amount of time.

I started a corner 2 corner in White sox colors, doing blocks which I will put together at some point. I am not sure of the size that I want.

Most of what I have left are Afghans or Rugs as they are called here in Australia. One of them will be for our bed which is a Queen size bed.

I would love to get a little on-line shop going. I just do not have the stock built up for it now but maybe though out the year I can get something going.

It is time to get some knitting for family first and organize to sell later

Time to go wool diving


Knitted Pocket Scarf

20150112_104548One of my Sorority Sisters who is a fellow knitter has created Chicago White Sox and Black Hawk scarfs and needless to say I fell in love with them.

She sent me the pattern for the White Sox and it inspired me for creating my own Ohio State Scarf. My daughter sent me some Red Heart Super Saver. It is 8 ply, by USA standards, thicker then the 8 ply here in Australia.

It was my first time for carrying yarn across rows and all. The big trick is to make sure they are lose enough. It takes time and patience but I managed to get it.

I would do this project again but I would widen the pocket and maybe even do a pocket on the other end.



Updates and Getting Organized

The corner 2 corner got finished and delivered. The hospital was really happy to get it and they even sent a little Thank You card, which was really nice.

I have a little vest started but I cant find my cheat sheet so I will have to rip it out and start over but that is OK. I have started another baby blanket for a gift and will post a pic soon as how that is going. Thanks to Mikey over at the Crochet Crowd for the pattern. I am trying to work better on things this year by getting things finished up before starting others. There is way too much going on and I need to get things simple. I also would like to get some cross stitch going. I found some baseball patterns I would like to get out.

I have also created a Face Book page if you would like to have a peak at more photos and on going projects.

I do have my Ohio State scarf going but I am thinking that I can put that on hold for now. There are a couple of other projects that I know that I can put on hold to give better time to other things.

The scarf order arrived safe but it was a week late for Christmas, which I was completely annoyed by they made it. The new scarf owners said that I went beyond all expectations and they are over the moon. It was a big relief to get the news.

The yarn stash has grown and I will show it off soon.

Happy wool diving

Charity Work

This is a goal to work on for this year. In no way shape or form did I get done want I wanted to with this one. I had a blanket almost all done and I found damage on it and had to start again. I chose the corner to corner to get it done quick and get another one going. I starting knitting a vest but I cant find my cheat sheet so I guess its rip out and start again. I really like how this has worked up. I used a combo of baby wool and regular 8 ply. I am finishing it off in white and will use white in the border.