Redesign – don’t give up

Of late I have had two projects that I have found damage and at first just cried. All that work, gone to hell. I was devastated and at first wanted to just throw the whole thing out. After finally getting past the tears and the heartbreak from it I, I stepped back to see what positive I could find.

20141019_171459With the Crows rugs, I actually thought all the work that was for a queen size bed was lost, but I have manged to save part of the original rug and keep the same pattern that i started and have that section which is a work in progress.


20141019_171525 I have just learned how to do a Corner 2 Corner blanket thanks to The Crochet Crowd and Mikey, that just got started the other night and it goes pretty quick. So I will use that section to start that and once that panel is used up will move over to wool. 20141019_171607


I knew how to do the afghan stitch or Tunisian Crochet. I like how thick it is and all, I started an Entrelac scarf and discovered you can do a rug out of the same, in crochet using the Afghan stitch. I have one started in strips, Its slow but I like how its turning out, even hubby is liking the thickness and that is doesn’t have holes. 20141019_171648

Wanting to work on my knitting skills, I started following a knit along from Creative bug and Red Heart, I am only to week four but its a challenge and will get harder. I love the fact it is pushing me out side the box.



The other problem child was in my hospital knitting, I had the rug almost done and ready to go and I found damage at the beginning of the rug, I started another corner to corner which should go quick and be at the size they are asking for. (Pictures to come on this one. )

Everything went on hold for a while, when I buried myself, in writing and nothing else, now its keeping challenges I made to myself when I turned 50 and keeping alive what my adopted parents taught me. They gave me their love of creating and I am taking that to new levels. (I hope)