How Yarn has Changed my Life

This past Friday was Love Yarn Day. I have loved the story’s I have been reading and decided I wanted to share my story.

My Mum, Edith  had been  knitting for as long as I can remember. She was always making house slippers or a gift for someone. She told me how Dad came to start crocheting. She had picked up a magazine and a hook to teach herself but Dad picked up it to have a read and the rest was history, She said he was like a duck to water.

When I was younger, I love watching Dad crochet, to see the projects that he was working on. I would look at the pictures and would think, how amazing and would Dad be able to do it. Sure enough, the end project was stunning. Dad was patient to tech me but I would always sob when he would make me rip it out and do it again. I had to learn to do it correctly, so it looked right and I could learn to build on that, learn more  about how to do stitches and combinations.

There was one pattern that I tried and could never get. No matter what I did, it was just not working. I gave up in the end, but unknown to me, Dad was working on the same pattern as a baby gift for Kendria who was my first-born. He made a unique gift for Alisha, and I am able to do the same for my grand kids.

I learned to knit from Mom but I stood in front of her instead of sitting next to her so, I am a left-handed knitter. Mom use to had having to help me fix mistakes. She knitting amazing sweaters for my first husband. The final sweater she made we called “the therapy sweater.” She worked on it while she nursed my Dad through his illness and passing.

I can remember the local yarn shop that we always went to calling Dad for repairs from time to time. He was just brilliant at it. Once he got some it didn’t look like it had been damaged at all. e took such care in creating one of a kind gifts. The biggest thing that they taught me was to take time, do it right. Your putting your heart and soul into each piece and evening leaving a small part of you behind.

Knitting and crocheting have gotten me though tough times, helped me through depression and anxiety. Helped to celebrate new life and those who have passed. Crocheting and knitting have been a life saver for me, the joy of watching people as they open the gift.

Thanks Mom and Dad for leaving behind your gift of yarn, teaching me how to be creative and to take the time, get it right and be proud of each piece.