Project Photos

Got some photos taken of current project to bring you up to speed.

The Corner 2 Corner looked harder than it is. I was really surprised. Mikey broke it down so it was easy to understand and it flies. I am happy with how this is turning out. I have scrap yarn that I will give this pattern a go with. Once you get the basics of it, it flies.

Corner 2 Corner

Corner 2 Corner









Crows rug is a rebuild from an original project. There was too much damage and to save it I had to pull it apart. It has now become 3 totally different rugs all together.

Crows Rug -  Crochet

Crows Rug – Crochet









I found this pattern on It will be a challenge. I did not like the size of the original blocks, so after a chat to Pj I did some adjusting. I have never made the 2 colored square before. Still trying to decide if I want to put it together as I go or at the end

Christmas Rug - Crochet

Christmas Rug – Crochet