Project Catch Up

Been working on a lot of stuff and a few projects have gotten done. I am looking at others but with the holidays coming, I see a heap of things I want to do but I need to pick and chose.

A) OSU scarf is still in the works, but I might put that on hold til cooler weather again.

B) Mobius scarf and Alisha’s scarf are both finished. I have worn my scarf and love it, It has been just the right weight and enough to get me through the colder weather.

C)Tyler’s Socks are finished and I am hoping to get them in the post soon.

D)Crow’s Rug – due to damage I had to completely tear a part. It is getting redesigned into other blankets and I am really excited about how things are working.

E) The Dogs Rug, The Block Rug and the stuff for the hospital are all still in the works at various points.

F) I am working on the scarf order and that is coming along well.


Photos Soon