Project Photos

Got some photos taken of current project to bring you up to speed.

The Corner 2 Corner looked harder than it is. I was really surprised. Mikey broke it down so it was easy to understand and it flies. I am happy with how this is turning out. I have scrap yarn that I will give this pattern a go with. Once you get the basics of it, it flies.

Corner 2 Corner

Corner 2 Corner









Crows rug is a rebuild from an original project. There was too much damage and to save it I had to pull it apart. It has now become 3 totally different rugs all together.

Crows Rug -  Crochet

Crows Rug – Crochet









I found this pattern on It will be a challenge. I did not like the size of the original blocks, so after a chat to Pj I did some adjusting. I have never made the 2 colored square before. Still trying to decide if I want to put it together as I go or at the end

Christmas Rug - Crochet

Christmas Rug – Crochet


Too many projects and not enough wool

Have renewed my love of crochet and knitting. The shoulder is paying for it but if I can nurse it I can get the other two scarfs done and then take a break.

1) Scarfs Order – the second is going well. making a Mobius scarf for the second and third order. Keeping it simple, with time slowly becoming my enemy I have to do what works and meets the needs.

2) I finished the Week 3 in the Knit along from Red Heart yarns and Week four is called “Check board Cables”, With each block it is getting more of a challenge and I am excited. It is a step outside the box but go have a look.

3) Mikey over at the are amazing, I love the videos and especially how he breaks the project down. It’s easy to follow and I have learned a lot. The challenges they have going are amazing Check them out.

4) My new Christmas project is an afghan/rug  I can make a few squares each day. The big challenge is the two color square. It is nothing like I have ever done. It’s a learning experience but it will get better with time.

Project Catch Up

Been working on a lot of stuff and a few projects have gotten done. I am looking at others but with the holidays coming, I see a heap of things I want to do but I need to pick and chose.

A) OSU scarf is still in the works, but I might put that on hold til cooler weather again.

B) Mobius scarf and Alisha’s scarf are both finished. I have worn my scarf and love it, It has been just the right weight and enough to get me through the colder weather.

C)Tyler’s Socks are finished and I am hoping to get them in the post soon.

D)Crow’s Rug – due to damage I had to completely tear a part. It is getting redesigned into other blankets and I am really excited about how things are working.

E) The Dogs Rug, The Block Rug and the stuff for the hospital are all still in the works at various points.

F) I am working on the scarf order and that is coming along well.


Photos Soon