New Projects

Morning Kids

Hope all is well in your wool world.

My Moebius scarf is finished and I love it. It is not overly heavy and I will make more. Pj is even interested in one.

The White Sox rug I have taken apart and put on hold for now. I want to design a rug that will do the colors proud.

The knit along is going well, starting to get interesting and it will be a challenge as time goes. Watching the videos is great and it really shows the challenges of each new panel. I can see that my working of some of the future panels will take time but that is OK, I want to take time to learn the pattern. See if I can use any of the patterns else where.

The Crows rug has been broken down into different smaller projects. More to come on that soon.

The hospital stuff is coming along slow. I am trying to make time one day a week to give it the time it deserves.

The summer wool is coming out and I can’t wait to see it. There is some great wool for Christmas projects I am hoping to pick up and found the color that Pj wants for his sweater. Had the pattern for ages but now have the perfect wool.

Pictures Soon