My First Video.

My first update on my YouTube Channel





Too Much Going On and Not Enough Time

I got on a mad scarf start lots of new things bender of late and now, I look at it all and am going, what was I thinking.

When I feel a panic coming on I bury myself in work and I start new stuff or give thing a run and have more on the Work in Progress list then I need to .

Been Experimenting with new patterns and all, been yarn shopping for new stuff,to try and I am going to blow my yarn budget, I just know it.

I really want to get enough things made to open a shop but it feels like its going to take forever to even get that far.

My narrow scarf turned out OK, I am just finishing a crocheted edge on it. I used a 50 gram ball of what they called a country tartan and finished it with a ball of what looks like a mohair. I put that together with some navy wool I had for some stability.  For my taste I found the yarn to be too fine for my taste. It could be some lack of experience on my part but I would only make a scarf out of it.


Another scarf  is a Basketweave pattern that will be a Moebius scarf. Thanks to Staci at Very, her pattern was the simplest yet, as you put the twist in at the end when you are sewing it together.

Phil’s scarf in the Entrelac pattern is going well and is working up at a nice pace. I also started the same pattern in a panel for a blanket.

I have an order for three scarfs for the USA for Christmas and will keep you posted on those.