Scarf Mad and New Work in Progress List

I have gone scarf mad, ……let me explain,

My daughter Alisha ask me for a warm fuzzy scarf, it had to be blue, so I got to work and whipped her up one. Just a basic garter stitch with a few rows of a basic cable which is made with no cable needle.



I have always love the look of a Moebius scarf and I could not find a pattern until looking on and Staci has one, free pattern and video. She puts the twist in it when sewing it together.



I also wanted to finally learn how to do Fair Isle knitting, I could get the basics of it but it was carrying the floats across the back that got me stumped. Back to the very pink you tube channel and studying it frame by frame and giving it ago again I now have the start of a “Block O” Ohio Sate scarf.



Also on the still to do list is: Tyler’s Socks, The Crows Rug to finish, the Centrals  rug to finish. The block rug as I am calling it to take apart and put back together. I still have the hospital knitting to get back on track and the Cross stitch when the hands need a break


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