Damaged and Devistated

I pulled out the Crows rug to work on the other day. Phil and I had decided that it was big enough and just a few more rows and a trim would finish it off. I was heart-broken when I discovered damage in at least two places. I really wanted to finish it up and use it since the weather has turned cold here in Australia.

I have been learning Entrelac knitting and found that you can do Entrelac in crochet also. So I am doing a trial and error in crochet in a couple of different ways.


After tears I have started to deconstruct and reconstruct.


More soon









Photographing Projects – Works in Progress

A big THANK YOU to Staci at Very Pink. com.

After having gone scarf mad, it was time for an organization of the current projects. Some of the projects need worked on during the day as they are in darker colors, like Tyler’s Socks. Also the cross stitch because of the colors needs better light. I have not worked on the cross stitch for a bit but I want to get back to working on it

Have plenty of hospital knitting to keep me busy. The Granny Ripple rug is coming along well using left over wool. It is an easy work and I don’t have to think too much as I work on it.


The vest for the little one needs attention for row counting and all. I have been using different stitch patterns with it for some variety. I am still having issues when I have to divide for the arms and all.





Trying a long cabin block from a pattern I found on Very Pink.com. It is a bit of a process but it’s another way to use up scraps.








Have  always wanted a Mobius scarf. I love the pattern but never been able to really figure it out. Working on a scarf in Basketweave Stitch. ( knit 4, purl 4 for five rows, then do the reverse, knit on the purl and purl on the knits for another five rows. The twist goes in when you put it together.20140519_141913






I have been wanting to learn to do Fair Isle knitting and knew it would be a challenge. Staci has a great video on basic fair isle and breaking it down was a big help. I am really happy how this turned out for my first time and all. It is a slow process but I will be doing it again. 20140525_182839



Scarf Mad and New Work in Progress List

I have gone scarf mad, ……let me explain,

My daughter Alisha ask me for a warm fuzzy scarf, it had to be blue, so I got to work and whipped her up one. Just a basic garter stitch with a few rows of a basic cable which is made with no cable needle.



I have always love the look of a Moebius scarf and I could not find a pattern until looking on verypink.com and Staci has one, free pattern and video. She puts the twist in it when sewing it together.



I also wanted to finally learn how to do Fair Isle knitting, I could get the basics of it but it was carrying the floats across the back that got me stumped. Back to the very pink you tube channel and studying it frame by frame and giving it ago again I now have the start of a “Block O” Ohio Sate scarf.



Also on the still to do list is: Tyler’s Socks, The Crows Rug to finish, the Centrals  rug to finish. The block rug as I am calling it to take apart and put back together. I still have the hospital knitting to get back on track and the Cross stitch when the hands need a break