Reconstructing a Project.

20140324_135832Afternoon Kids,

In a bit of a dilemma. and I am going with the gut feeling of doing what works. OK, here is the problem.

A couple of years ago, just to keep my Nan busy, I bought some wool and she knitted squares for a rug for Pj and I kept the colors in the earth tones, south-west colors. They ran out of wool and filled it in with what they had. It was not constructed great and as of taking it out of the box yesterday to air out have discovered it is falling apart and some of the blocks are no longer able to be used.

I am going with my first instinct to take it apart and create the blanket that I wanted to start with. I know that I will have to knit more squares to make up for it and that is OK. The question is what do I do with the squares I don’t want in the rug for me? I do make them into a rug and re gift?

Any suggestion?