Knitting Sox or Socks

I tried knitting socks a while ago and it was a real struggle. First time with double-pointed needles. It is a real struggle to get started and get the tension right. Once getting established it gets better. I do find that on occasion doing a knit row before starting the rib does help. I am using size 4mm to work this pair. The wool is Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8 ply. It’s a 50 gram ball. 20140130_120010

I never knew about Sock wool (yarn) til I got to Australia. They say that knitting what is called “Toe – Up” socks is much easier and works out better for use of wool. you can knit them as high up the calf as needed. My son-in-law ask for a pair of knit socks so I am giving it a go. With this pair I am using 2.75 MM needles. From Spotlight I am using Moda Vera Noir. The color is called Blue Mix. This pattern also uses what is called a provisional cast on. This was a new process for me and will take a bit of getting use to but I will be trying it again. I did find that casting on from the crocheted piece needs to be a bit looser for that first row that I knitted. 20140130_120222



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  1. I’m ‘way over in the northern hemisphere for 3 months (not in tropical Queensland, where I really live). I’m knitting some socks for a friend, using some lovely Merino wool and 3.5 mm needles. I LOVE knitting socks, but there’s not much call for them back at home.

    Cheers! Yvonne

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