Organizing Summer Projects

With it being summer in Australia, it’s time for small projects that I can work on the go and that are not heavy to hold.

1) Knitting for hospital.  – Making rugs/afghans to sell in the gift shop and for warmers in the nic unit, and body warmers for preemies.

2) Hat and Glove ornaments for Christmas tree in Sports colors. Any color really.

3) I have two cross stitch projects. One is a small baby Mickey Mouse and the other is a southwest theme.

4) I have a mate who is collecting Knitted caps for those going through Chemo.

5) My daughter Alisha still needs her scarf. I got her mittens done.

6) My son-in-law Tyler has ask for hand knitted socks. That is uncharted terrority.

7) St.Peters knit blocks. – they are collecting blocks for rugs/afghans year round.

8) Sweater for Pj  – I have a pattern and just need to get the wool and needles. I have the pattern. It’s a top down Raglan.

Will keep you posted on how things are going and will share patterns as things are getting done.

See you in the wool piles.



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