Knitting Sox or Socks

I tried knitting socks a while ago and it was a real struggle. First time with double-pointed needles. It is a real struggle to get started and get the tension right. Once getting established it gets better. I do find that on occasion doing a knit row before starting the rib does help. I am using size 4mm to work this pair. The wool is Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8 ply. It’s a 50 gram ball. 20140130_120010

I never knew about Sock wool (yarn) til I got to Australia. They say that knitting what is called “Toe – Up” socks is much easier and works out better for use of wool. you can knit them as high up the calf as needed. My son-in-law ask for a pair of knit socks so I am giving it a go. With this pair I am using 2.75 MM needles. From Spotlight I am using Moda Vera Noir. The color is called Blue Mix. This pattern also uses what is called a provisional cast on. This was a new process for me and will take a bit of getting use to but I will be trying it again. I did find that casting on from the crocheted piece needs to be a bit looser for that first row that I knitted. 20140130_120222



Summer Projects Update.

Hey Kids

Just some quick updates on things –

1) Baby Rug – I kept this one simple using garder stitch. It has gone quick but should be able to finish in the next couple of days.







2) South West cross stitch will be slow but I forgot how much I enjoy doing it. I am finding that doing the outline as I go is saving a big headache at the end.



Organizing Summer Projects

With it being summer in Australia, it’s time for small projects that I can work on the go and that are not heavy to hold.

1) Knitting for hospital.  – Making rugs/afghans to sell in the gift shop and for warmers in the nic unit, and body warmers for preemies.

2) Hat and Glove ornaments for Christmas tree in Sports colors. Any color really.

3) I have two cross stitch projects. One is a small baby Mickey Mouse and the other is a southwest theme.

4) I have a mate who is collecting Knitted caps for those going through Chemo.

5) My daughter Alisha still needs her scarf. I got her mittens done.

6) My son-in-law Tyler has ask for hand knitted socks. That is uncharted terrority.

7) St.Peters knit blocks. – they are collecting blocks for rugs/afghans year round.

8) Sweater for Pj  – I have a pattern and just need to get the wool and needles. I have the pattern. It’s a top down Raglan.

Will keep you posted on how things are going and will share patterns as things are getting done.

See you in the wool piles.


Update: Works In Progress 2014

Morning Kids,

Here is the update on the Works in progress list that was the original post from last and reason for the start of this blog.

1) White Sox Rug – Knit

2) Adelaide Crows Rug – Crochet

3) Potato Chip Scarf – Knit – FINISHED

4) Saroyan Scarf – Knit – DONE

5) Boise State Rug – Knit – New Pattern

6) Elizabeth Blanket – Knit – Done

*7) Gabriel’s Blanket – Crochet – DONE – 11 January 2014

8) Central Districts Rug – Crochet

9) Shades of Blue – Knit

Finished Gabriel’s blanket to get ready to post out. I did a single crochet around the edge. It was a simple pattern of single crochet double crochet single crochet. Chain one and turn. In the next row, single crochet in the double crochet and double crochet in the single.


New Projects and Getting Organized

Happy New Year Kids,

Time to dive back into the wool piles and see what the creative juices can get going. I did locate my cross stitch project I had started and that is going again but will share that later on .

20131228_110724I finally got my daughter’s mittens finished and they are ready to send. I did them on double-pointed needles but was not happy how the thumb worked up. going to give the same pattern a try on straight needles and will let you know how that goes.

Late last year I shared with you about a new project I had started. Volunteer knitting for the preemie unit at the local hospital.

I did a second trial and error still using 5 ply wool but changing the needle size to 3.25 (3 and 1/4). I stopped in at the hospital 20140107_083206yesterday and it is the perfect size. If I decide to go to a four ply I will need to move the needles to a 2.75.

Will be updating the Work in Progress list with the goal to be able to cross off some more projects this year.

New stitches to learn and new projects to create, so its time to get those creative juices flowing.

See you in the wool piles