Time for a Holiday

283881_248029605218243_5090285_nHey Kids,

I’m taking a couple of weeks off from sharing with you. I will be working on getting organized while away and trying to see if I can finish projects and plan some new ones.

I will take plenty of pictures to share with you when I return and hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

Take some time out for you and do something to spoil yourself.

See you in the wool piles




Mini Hat and Mitten

The original pattern come from Red Heart. Their Christmas patterns have been wonderful, really enjoying the new ideas.

The original trial and error pattern as I call them I used a 4.5 mm needle to get the pattern down and all. Pj (hubby) suggested a small needle and I changed to a 3.25 mm for the second go.


They used bright Christmas and what I call winter colors in the photo with the pattern but with writing a Chicago White Sox Blog I wanted to honor them first. The strips where slow to work and I carried the wool up the side so I didn’t have a lot of knots as I went. I will keep working as they are a quick project and will try the other hat patterns.




First Hat Finished Plus One More Quick One.

In a mad dash to get Christmas presents done I manged to get two hats completed. One was started and one was a work in progress.

The Downton Hat I would do again but with he circular needles I would make sure the length would be correct.


It probably needs blocked a bit and a better choice of wool but I am happy  that I managed the pattern.






The other hat is for my Son – in – Law, Tyler and came from the booklet called Better Homes and Gardens Wild about Woollies. It  was a 36 page free inclusion with the months edition. I found a lot of good patterns and will be trying more out later on. It was a simple Knit 4, Purl 4 for 23 centimeters, and then followed the decrease instructions.