Charity Knitting

On top of digging for patterns for the kids mittens and scarfs, I have thrown charity knitting in to the mix. I will take one day a week to focus on the charity stuff.

20131125_101241For one hospital I am working on a rug/afghan that is just big enough to fit into a Hume crib, they are asking for them to be 20 inches by 20 inches to just fit inside and help to cover the little one. That is proving a bit of a challenge to make sure that I can get the size just right. I have been trying it with granny squares but I think this will be the trial and error piece. I usually give things a go to make sure that I can master all elements. I may not try granny squares again or if i do go with  a smaller size.




20131125_101401The other is called a Special Body Warmer. It is a little vest with buttons at the on the shoulders to allow the nurses accessibility to lines and all as needed without disturbing the little one. I started up the trial and error vest last night and will get a pic so you can see.


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