Knitting on the Run – Mom , I need a scarf and quick.

20131118_105811My daughter in Vermont the other day called me on Skype and told me she needed a scarf, and how fast could I do it. It had to be warm and fuzzy. Oh, she also needed mittens and could I do them for the kids. OK, so here I go hunting high and low for a pattern for mittens that I liked and could do for the whole family. OK, now the digging begins and finding what I know will work up simple and quick but will be just what is needed. My first try at a hat the Downtown Hat will find its way to Elizabeth.

Looking for the mitten pattern I wanted one just like what my Mum use to knit for me. I loved what she use to make and I wore them out beyond repair. I love that my daughter ask me to do this and she knows the quality and love it goes into making something special.

That is what I love about knitting, creating that one of a kind piece that is going to be used and hopefully well-loved. Just watching them open the package and see the look on their face of surprise and excitement.

With Spring and Summer here in Australia, its time for those little projects that can be taken on the bus or in the car, or to events.

Lots to do and very little time, so I had better get my needles in to high gear.





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