#5 Boise State Blanket – Rip Out and Starting Over

I started this project with learning new stitches and creating something special.20131113_124206

Most of the patterns I going now are all cable, various cables or new stitches, but I fell in love with the 10 stitch blanket and decided it was time for a change. So I ripped out the original blanket and started the 10 stitch. I found the pattern on Very Pink. com. The basic pattern is worked over 10 stitches and I love that but the challenge to master was the mitered corner. I had seen patterns with them and at first thought how difficult but with it broken down it was easy to do but you have to pay attention when you do them. The other issue with the pattern is how you attach on the to previous round, IF you go in from the front it makes, what I call a double ridge but if you go in through the back it is a single ridge. I guess it is a preference of which way you go. This blanket is what I call my trial and error project, so when I do it again I will have worked out the small issues. 20131113_124348



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