Travel Projects

Taking a road trip over the weekend and I am looking forward to getting away but will be taking a couple of small projects with me.

One of the things I am taking with me is a simple 40 stitch square. It is done on size, 4 mm needles.  Its done in garder stitch and when you can fold it corner to corner and make a complete triangle its done. scrap yard is really good to use on this project. You can use the squares for any size blanket you might need.

Also crocheting granny squares for blanket for the neo-natal unit at the local hospital. The size they are asking for is 20 inches by 20 inches. I make a square 6 rounds and it seems to work. It is a trial and error now for a correct size.

The other project is a 10 stitch blanket. Once again I have to give Staci at verypink. com a massive thumbs up for this one. Mitered corners scared me until I did this pattern and now they are easy, Here is a link to the video from her channel on You tube

So far it’s small enough to travel but in time it will get to big to travel and will become a home. It is an interesting process. Will get you guys some pics as we are traveling so you can see what is up.

What are you working on?