Travel Projects

I love having a small project that I can take in my travel bag when I am heading to the city or where ever. I do read but it gives me a headache at some point. Right now my project is finger less gloves. It’s a quick and simple pattern done on double point needles. The blue pair is what I call the test pair. Learning the pattern and all. I had not done anything on doubles for a while so it took a bit to finally get it going again. For my taste it was a little short at my wrist, so i knew it was time to play with the pattern. During the winter here in Australia, I have days where I live in sweatshirts and all when I need to be out and about. I like the longer cuff. The green and white pair is the product of tweaking the pattern. I used a double wool, makes them extra warm but there is not as much give as a single wool. 20130716_12025520130716_115137